Asbestos conference

Friday 27 November, 9.30am-12.30


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 Despite the banning of asbestos in the UK, in 1999, the latest statistics continue to show that the dangers of asbestos are still with us and are likely to be for the foreseeable future.

Today, asbestos is still used in large quantities in many parts of Asia, Eastern Europe and South America, while controlled use is still permitted in the USA and Canada. Find out about the dangers of asbestos, and learn about:

what happens now – trade agreements – post-Brexit the work of asbestos victims support groups Victim’s Voice the campaign for justice by the asbestos victims support groups’ forum the difficulties faced by victims and researchers in the current pandemic. Speakers will include:

asbestos victims’ support groups and the forum victims and families including Peggy Walker, Susan Ellis and David Brown Professor Sanjay Popat – Consultant Medical Oncologist Nick Dearden, Director of Global Justice Now We will also pay tribute to Nirmala Gurung – grassroots activist featured in the film ‘Breathless’


organised by Derbyshire Asbestos Support Trust, Asbestos Support Central England and Yorkshire & Humberside Asbestos Victims Support Group supported by Midlands TUC

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