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The topic of our May 2019 meeting by speaker from UCU delegate Dr Grace Millar


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On 1 January 1947, the state took ownership of coal mines across the country with the promise to manage them ‘On Behalf of the People’. 47 years later, .a very different government sold a very different coal industry.
Our research project is looking at the history of the nationalised coal industry and also the communities that were shaped by mining work. We’re researching changes to people’s lives both at work and at home, as well as changes to the mining industry.
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Do you want to help write the history of the nationalised coal industry?
This project is looking at 8 case study pits: Easington (Durham), Bickershaw (Lancashire), Prince of Wales (Yorkshire), Annesley-Bentinck (Nottinghamshire), Markham (Derbyshire), Barony (Ayrshire), Tower (Cynon Valley), and Point of Ayr (Iintshire)
We want to hear from miners, fitters, electricians, officials (deputies, overmen, shot firers, engineers and managers) and other National Coal Board employees (including canteen, nursing, and office staff) to hear their experiences of the workplace, community and home life: We are also keen to talk to the wider mining community: family members, owners of shops or pubs, and anyone else whose life was affected by the pit


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