Coventry council – UNITE HGV drivers’ strike

73 HGV drivers from street sweeping, highways, household and commercial waste, have WON their six month all out strike.

The dispute which began in January 22 has now ended with a pay rise for the drivers worth up to 12.9%, which is worth an estimated £3,600 per year in their pay packets.

The deal also includes Christmas bonuses worth some £4,000, and disciplinary charges against Unite Shop Steward Pete Randle dropped.

Let’s show this Labour council we are not backing down until they #PayTheRate.

Coventry HGV drivers are asking for is a reasonable pay rise to achieve the market rate for the job.

• Most of them would get less than a £20 per week increase this year to resolve the dispute.

• They are paid less than drivers employed by other Councils, like Birmingham

.• They are also paid less than many local lorry drivers despite having the same HGV skills.

What has the council done? The Council has refused to negotiate in good faith, has spread false information and wasted tax-payers money;

• The Council have made out that bin drivers are paid tens of thousands of pounds per year more than they are. 

• They have spent £2.8 million of tax-payers money trying to break a strike that would cost less than £300,000 to resolve.

Coventry Council has suspended shop steward Pete Randle, 11,500-strong petition by UNITE was handed to council to reinstate

email Coventry Council’s leader Councillor George Duggins: the ball is now in his court to settle the Coventry bin strike

They are paid between £11/hr and £14.40/hr and are seeking a regrade due to inadequate job description and that the market rate is double their pay. Morale is high and the strike continues.

The Labour council is spending £millions, bringing drivers to cover the strikers work and at significantly higher rates.

+++ Please donate to the strike fund +++ Coventry council’s HGV workers are out on strike. Please send solidarity and donate to the strike fund in order to help the strikers not be starved back to work. 

  • Unite WM/7116 Coventry Local Government Branch
  • Account number: 2030 2665
  • Sort code: 608 301

organised by UNITE with support from Midlands TUC. About 25 Coventry Labour councillors are UNITE members. During yesterday’s rally, General Secretary Sharon Graham said: “And I now speak directly to you, Unite Labour councillors of Coventry and the council leader. Today I put you on notice, that you will today receive your suspension letters from Unite.”

Speakers included:
Sharon Graham, Unite general secretary
Annmarie Kilcline, Unite regional secretary
Tony Woodhouse, Unite
Lee Barron, TUC Midlands
Haydn Jones, striking worker (convenor)
Jane Nellist, Coventry Trades Council
Jayne Taylor, Unite



Haydn Jones UNITE Convenor for HGV drivers at Coventry council spoke at our February 2022 meeting.


Wolverhampton General branch UNITE WM6150 heeded the call and subsequently made donations of £14,600.

There was a march and rally on Tuesday 22nd February from the picket line to Coventry Council House with Barry Gardiner MP speaking.