January 2020

Secretary’s Supplementary Report for AGM January 2020

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC www.wolvestuc.org.uk info@wolvestuc.org.uk


  • 2020 WB&DTUC officer nominations received from UNITE WM6150 & UNISON City of Wolverhampton

President (Chairperson) Marie Taylor UNITE CYW

Vice-President Rob Marris UNITE WM/6150

Secretary Nick Kelleher UNITE WM/6150

Treasurer John Grant UCU

Asst Sec. Bob Simm PCS

  • Elections to be taken at AGM for 2020 TUC Equality conference observers: [deadlines 25-1-19]

Women’s TUC 4-6 March Congress House, London

Young Workers 21-22 March Congress House, London

Black Workers’ TUC 25-26 April Congress House, London

Disability TUC 21-22 May Bournemouth

LGBT TUC 25-26 June Congress House, London

Trades Union Councils Conference 13-14 June Leicester

Places available for nomination to: Regional Council plus Midlands Inclusion Committee, Regional Women’s Committee, Pensioners Network, Young Workers Network

Thanks to branches that have so far re-affiliated for 2020:

ASLEF, Community W’ton Craft, Musicians’ Union, NEU, RMT, UNISON City of Wolverhampton, UNITE WM6150


EC Report 6 Jan 2020

present Sis. Millar, Taylor Bros. Marris, Simm, Cole, Kelleher apologies Bro. Grant

TUC ♥ Unions week

local activity, join us to hand out flowers and union recruitment cards in Valentine’s week

  • Saturday 8th February Wednesfield High St stall 11am-1pm; Sunday 9th February Bilston Market stall 11am-1pm; Friday 14th Feb – Wolverhampton 11am-1pm at or near market

  • book market stalls

  • order 500 printed 4 page A6 flyers similar to last year but re-designed by NK & RM; order 350 flowers, sleeves, water vials

  • contact Bro Baker re video interviews of public else test microphone+smart phone

  • national campaigning theme of sexual harassment inappropriate for our event. Could use flyers for filmshow event of “Business as Usual” excellent 1987 film but only fashion is out of date, top cast

Workers’ Memorial Day – Mental Health at Work theme speakers invited, flyer designed

Wodenstock – no progress with councillors on removing old fountains on site. Could make contribution? Accounts still to be finalised – Bro. Kelleher and Grant

Indian Workers’ Association rally against India’s anti-muslim laws Sat 11 Jan 2020 Birmingham – invite Mohinder Singh to speak at AGM

Palestine Solidarity HSBC protest Sat 11 Jan; Israeli drones Filmshow 7pm Fri 31 Jan Friends Meeting House

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