January 2021 AGM

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council

Minutes of Annual General Meeting Thursday 21st January 2021 at 7pm on zoom


  1. Welcome & introductions to delegates & visitors

    Present: Sisters Taylor Unite, Welch UCU Univ, Simm PCS, Whyte & Dixon UNISON City, Gayle UNITE WM6150, Weaver UNITE Ret & SWCLP TULO;

    Brothers Grant UCU, Martin Musician Union, Childs CWU, Kelleher, Marris, Oakley Unite WM6150, Rahimi Unite Community, Cross UNITE Transport, Sandhu UNITE W’ton Homes, Juss GMBx13, Simm PCS(Assoc), Deacon UNISON City, Vaughan UNISON Staffs, Stoll Dudley UNISON

    additional attendees for speaker Bro Vernon, Jelic, Tyrell plus two, Sis Henrique

    apologies: Sis Millar UCU Univ, Ceresa UNISON City

  2. Minutes of 2020 Annual General Meeting agreed, no matters arising

  3. Presidential Address Sis Taylor – government mishandling of pandemic left 86,000 dead already and now at its worst point despite restrictions.

  4. a] Secretary- Bro Kelleher spoke on Annual Report & Plan for 2021.https://wolvestuc.org.uk/index.php/secretarys-reports/94-2020-reports/1042-annual-report-plan-of-action-2020-21-wolverhampton-tuc

    Thanks were given to Bro. Rob Marris UNITE WM/6150 who is retiring as a delegate and Executive Committee member after 30 years service to us, as he reaches state retirement this year. He said he will remain a trade unionist forever and it was hoped he would still play a part in our TUC.

    Sis Millar was also thanked for her work on the Executive, she was en route to New Zealand; but will return dependant on funding of her research.

    Funds have been received this year to cover the planned Wolverhampton/Staffordshire slavery links research project, led by Sis Millar. £2,100 now raised by donations: GMBX13 £1,050, UNITE WM6150 £500, UNISON City of Wolverhampton £250 and TUC Development grant £300. We will also continue the Body Worn Video/ Stop & Search campaign.

    TUC Unions week #HeartUnions week 8-14 Feb 21. Demonstrate how brilliant unions are by showcasing all that we achieve for working people – especially during the pandemic. – We are seeking local positive union anecdotes for social media. Encourage as many people as possible who are already union members to ask someone they know to join one too. – We are unable to do our usual activities. Authorised up to £50 for Facebook Join a union adverts, designs produced.

    EC to look at Workers Memorial Day arrangements.

    b] Treasurer – Bro Grant presented annual accounts £6858.46 held at end of 2020 of which £3,000 is allocated to Wodenstock

  5. Elections:

President (Chairperson) Marie Taylor UNITE CYW

Vice-President Bob Simm UNITE WM/6150

Secretary Nick Kelleher UNITE WM/6150

Treasurer John Grant UCU

Executive Committee Clare Simm PCS DWP, Grace Millar UCU University

g] Auditor – Adrian Turner UNISON City of Wolverhampton

h] delegates to Midlands TUC Regional Council- Bob Simm; Pensioners’ Network – Bob Deacon UNISON City of Wolverhampton

I] Trades Union Council Annual Conference delegate – Clare Simm

j] TUCJCC nomination – Nick Kelleher (doesn’t need to be a delegate since sitting member)

k] no details of Equality conferences received yet; expected to be virtual.

  1. urgent delegate reports – none

  2. public meeting at 8pm:

    speaker: Patrick Vernon, social commentator, campaigner, cultural historian , and author of 100 Great Black Britons who grew up in Pennfields. around the millennium when the UK had an identity crisis with pushes for regional government being counter-posed by Millennium project, promotion of Brit pop, reclaiming the union jack and the BBC launched 100 Great Britons with Churchill topping it.

    Patrick Vernon launched his 100 Great Black Britons campaign taken up by Channel 4. BBC refused to do a Black British history programme at that time. Mary Seacole was named top and helped boost the campaign which built her statue at Westminster. Inclusions in the national curriculum of black history which Michael Gove then tried to remove along with references to the Suffragettes.

    The list has been updated, thousand nominations for latest list, and the book written.

    GoFundme set up to get copies all in UK schools. WB&DTUC to contact councillors to assist with getting the book in all schools and libraries.

  3. Announcement made of George Africanus talk 22 Jan. Brought as slave child to Molineux Family and became successful in Nottingham.

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