Lib dem caught stealing

The wife of Wolverhampton's SpringVale ward Liberal Democrat councillor Mike Heap, has been filmed stealing a Labour leaflet from a voter's letterbox and replacing it with a Lib Dem leaflet. As seen now on ITV……

Frances Heap was campaigning for her husband – who's leader of the Liberal Democrats on the council.

He beat Mr Bedi the Labour candidate by just 41 votes.

See the ITV Central News report

It seems from comments left on YouTube, that this is not a one-off incident but common practice for them in this hitherto safe Lib Dem seat.

Labour overturned a huge majority to just a handful of votes, so would not be wanting a by-election. 

The original CCTV coverage is here:

The leaflet switch was filmed on the voter's security camera mounted at the front door.

This is likely to cause further embarressment to the local Lib Dems after earlier this year the Lib Dem mayor of Wolverhampton was arrested after cannabis plants were found by police at an industrial unit.

Last year in the Bilston North by-election they came last losing 92% of their vote in 2 months.

One Lib Dem Councillor then stopped voting with the local council Con – Dem coalition and Labour took power. In the recent council elections Labour made massive gains.

If you think the Lib Dems are a disgrace, join us in the demonstration at the Lib Dem conference in Birmingham on Sunday 18th September.

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