May 2009

WB&DTUC May 2009 Secretary’s Report
2009 affiliated branches: ASLEF, ASPECT,ATL, Community(Hall Palm), CWU (Wolverhampton), CWU (W.Mids & Worcs), FBU, GMB X13, NASUWT, NUT, POA, PCS (Midlands CPS), UCU City College, UNISON General, UNISON PCT, UNISON University and Unite branches 0758M, 3210M, CYWU, 5/748, 5/836 and 5/998

Over 300 trade unionists, political activists, campaigners and people of Whitmore Reans celebrated the 1st May, Workers’ Day in Wolverhampton for the 15th year. Searchlight, IWA, Women Against pit closures & Cuba Speakers, Jazz band, breakdancers and morris dancers, food, bouncy castle, face-painting and stalls. sponsored by FBU, UNISON, NUT and UNITE 0758.
Report on May 9th 2009 – Wolverhampton Hope Not Hate Day of Action -Thanks to all the 31 volunteers (13 women, 18 men) who helped distribute 9,500 Searchlight anti-fascist newspapers in a morning, urging people to vote AGAINST the fascist bnp on June 4th – the euro elections. 16 helped us for the first time. The Labour Party who turned out in force for the first time and provided a third of the volunteers.There were at least 10 UNISON, 7 WB&DTUC, 3 UNITE, 2 NUT, 2 GMB & UCU.  Significantly the majority of volunteers also attended the recent 1st May event; which had an anti-fascist theme and at which Matthew Collins spoke from Searchlight and called on support for our Day of Action. We provided a Caribbean lunch. 
There are just 3 weeks left before the June 4th elections. The Euro election is proportional representation, with six west midlands seats being voted for together on June 4th. As little as 11% of the vote could win a West Midlands seat, funding £250,000 per year to the party. That is why it is so important that you use your vote in these elections and encourage others too. More people voting for other parties will lessen the chance of the BNP winning a seat in the 4th June European Parliamentary elections.
Distribution of newspapers from 7am to railway commuters on Union Friday
another Day of Action on weekend May 23/24th
07932 797139 to help

TUC Stewards Stage1 course will start on Tuesday 12th May 09 and run 10 weeks
H&S Rep’s course will start on Wednesday 13th May 09 and run over 10 weeks. Courses will run in the Community Room City College, Wellington Road site, Bilston. ENQUIRIES ABOUT THE COURSES 0121 237 8120


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