May 2009

WB&DTUC Delegate meeting minutes Thursday 21st May 09

Attendance: Bros. Kelleher, Childs, Cole, Deacon, J.Grant, S.Grant, Smith, Plaha, Turner, Clarke, Marris, Juss, Hardacre, Rahimi        Sis. Kelsey, Jeffries, Halfpenny, Taylor

Apologies: Sis Ceresa Bro Bostock, Muir, Farmer

1) Introductions to delegates & visitors, new & old

2) Minutes of April delegate meeting agreed coreect. No matters arising

3) Executive Committee Report (May 14th)  & Correspondence

1)            Trades Councils’ Conference Agenda no amendments proposed

2)            Campaign for Labour Party Democracy – renewal request

3)            WC Council -Official Warning re May Day posters discussed – more help with publicity requested for next year. Ask permission from Highways.

4)            Ken Purchase re EDM praising us for May day event

5)            Bro.Deacon – re retirement and resignation as delegate due to UNISON internal bar on retired member representation.

6)            Cuba Solidarity 50 years events ICAP tour 16-19 June – DC arranged speaker –. AGM local group sending delegate report for June meeting

7)            UNITE demo for jobs 16 May – 7,000 turned out colourful and noisy demo, WB&DTUC banner there

8)            The People’s Charter – 1million signatures being sought was circulated

9)            Chainmakers’ history DC has extra copies

10)         Morning Star AGM, Birmingham 4th Junewe hold shares and can send a delegate

11)         CND – new anti-trident material circulated

12)         May Day Committee accounts 2009

13)         Love Music Hate racism Stoke gig 30 May 11am Falkland St £5/free


14)         2,200 Hope Not Hate Christian leaflets sent to all Wolverhampton area religious groups

15)         Workers beer festival volunteers re Glastonbury festival – liaise with CSC group

From previous EC: MT to follow up UNITE Goodyear, NK to chase up RMT-tried

4) Reports & discussion:

a)  Secretary (written report circulated) anti-fascist Euro-election campaign May 9th Day of Action great success 10,000 papers delivered Caribbean food for May 9th Day of Action volunteers £80– Union Friday 15th May – dozen volunteers for 7am start at railway May 23rd/24th 5,000 more newspapers received. More leaflets ordered. Our campaign re complaint to Editor Dudley news re Bnp advertising was taken up by Searchlight. CWU conscience clause available for non-fascist delivering. Workers memorial day – council flags not flown half mast by Tories – sec to write.

b)      Treasurer healthy balance

c)       POA – anti-privatisation campaign – Bro.Clarke gave report – presented Sec with signed POA History

d)      other Delegates’ workplace reports;

Bro Hardacre reported expulsion of trade unionists from scrutiny panel seats by Tories.

Sis Taylor & Bro Turner reported on council cuts and CYWU & UNISON response.

Bro.Turner also reported on closure of schools in Pendeford

e)       Palestine Solidarity national demo W-ton transport cancelled. B’ham conference 11 July

f)        Cuba Solidarity – 50 years celebration 18 July social 2 Cubans in attendance


5)   @ 8pm speaker: Alan Smith:  CWU Union Busting at Carphone Warehouse, Wednesbury


 Two CWU members are being victimised by the company for trade union activity at the Wednesbury Logistics Centre.  One, Sulinder Kumar, has already been sacked (though he is appealing), and another – CWU’s rep on site – is currently facing disciplinary proceedings on a similar charge. The charges relate to the fact that both members were willing to challenge unfair management practices through raising grievances – as is their right. CWU has had mass recruitment in last 2 years at the site – several active CWU members have been sacked recently. Link from website and letters of support requested and agreed.



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