Midlands TUC Regional Council AGM report of WB&DTUC delegate

Report Midlands TUC AGM, Derby 27-2-16


Joe Morgan GMB elected as Chair of Midlands TUC Executive. Vera Kelsey, a delegate to our TUC, was elected on behalf of CWU in one of the Women’s reserved seats. There were two vacancies from the trades council section on the Executive.


Several speakers were invited promoting the EU-In campaign, arguing if we leave EU we would no longer enjoy certainty of minimum floor, it would trigger race to bottom in worker rights, but many delegates spoke from the floor against EU membership and questioned why there was such a platform when the TUC’s policy on the EU was ambivalent rather than fully pro-EU.

Greece was treated appallingly Austerity being driven across Europe due to majority of Centre-right governments across europe.

Germany spends £64bn to support energy intensive industry UK ‘aspire’ to £400m. It’s about govt choices not EU.

Can’t let EU Referendum be reduced to the Eton mess of a squabble between Tory politicians Need a voice to speak for worker rights.


RMT – West coast trains increased profit of £52m & £6m dividends. We can afford public ownership as it is free by not renewing franchises. We need a fully integrated public transport system, accessible for all, rural & urban, reliable, safe & affordable. The loss of 270 Bombardier jobs in Derby was a kick in the teeth.


PCS outlined HMRC closures Walsall, Lincoln, Chesterfield, Telford, Derby & Leicester at risk – 2000 jobs at risk.

#SportsDirectShame Unite East Mids working with TUC to talk to Sports Direct investors plus coordinated campaign action working to build workplace organisation. Draconian work practices exist e.g. 6 strikes & out (includes excessive talking, too long in toilet, calling in sick) meant a woman was too scared to miss work – ended up giving birth in work toilet.


BMA -Derby hospital doctor outlined junior doctor dispute. This is about future of the NHS – government imposed contract, despite seeing progress through negotiation, no need to impose. BMA has asked for judicial review.

Simon O’Hara sacked NUT teacher at Small Heath School, Birmingham spoke on his and another activist suspension at the school and the injustice of theft of school from community through Academisation.


Birmingham Peoples Post campaign event on Sat June 4th in Victoria Sq CWU to defend postal service & fair employment across industry


Musician’s Union motion about the criminalisation of street artists, performers & buskers.

Midlands TUC to co-ordinate joint union campaign in defence of post-16 education.


Engagement with the West Midlands Combined Authority agreed, with concerns raised over potential for privatisation, breaking national pay-bargaining, protection of H&S and equalities at work.


West Mids CATUC motions passed about local authority co-ordination to defend public services & re-establishing Solihull TUC


Dying to work campaign – Midlands TUC have drawn uphave drawn up a voluntary charter for employers. Secured cross party support & raised with EU Commission to take this forward

Jacci Woodcock: “I’d to think that we can change the law so people don’t have the hassle I have had“.

The Midlands TUC is to write to local authorities requesting them not to implement the parts of the Bill that they have control over and publish the responses. TU bill strangles rights of ordinary men & women to represent working people is greater attack on trade unions than even Tebbit attempted. Never about improving industrial relations. Always about undermining unions, a bad bill, unjustified & unfair. Cameron increased Lords by 300 yet cutting elected MPs by 50. After Cameron resigns, next PM will be decided by Tory members voting electronically but won’t allow union members same right If electronic balloting is good enough to select Zac Goldsmith its good enough for our millions of members.

Govt record: household debt rising, trade deficit rising, exports falling, productivity gap widening. Govt sitting back attacking public services whilst the recovery is stalling, regional inequality is widening & some key sectors manufacturing stalling.

Local Authorities with greatest need have to find greater cuts. All councils that had recent increases are Tory councils. Cuts to public services, housing, industrial support & NHS to come in budget, not about balancing books – a deliberate attack.

Our movement has to grow if we are to deliver our aims. Private sector union membership has grown in the last 4 years. Lots to build on. issues we have to make sure interests of working people & not just big business are heard .


2016 is the 80th anniversary of Spanish Civil War


175th anniversary of 1842 events Staffordshire miners strike event planned for 2017 by North Staffs TUC.


Sis Taylor ran a stall for WB&DTUC at the AGM and sold £44 of books, mugs and CDs.

by Nick Kelleher, delegate of WB&DTUC to Midlands TUC Regional Council.


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