Mythbusting on Migration

1)   ‘Migrants only come to Britain to claim benefits’

Economic migrants from outside of the EU are not able to claim any benefits.

Citizens from Eastern Europe are 60% less likely than UK citizens to claim benefits or tax credits (Source:

Only 2.6% of all JSA benefits was paid to EU citizens last year (


2)   ‘Migrants take all the social housing’

Economic migrants from outside of the EU are not eligible for any social housing.

Migrants from Eastern Europe are 58% less likely to live in social housing (


3)   ‘Migrants are bad for the economy’

Migrants do many important jobs in health, care, services, food, industry, technology and education to name just a few.

Migration is estimated to have increased the GDP by 0.6 billion and increased average incomes by 23p a week. By contrast, government cuts have reduced average incomes by £3.34 a week



4)   ‘Migrants cause unemployment’

The Department for Work and Pensions has stated there is no evidence that migration from Eastern Europe has caused unemployment (


5)    ‘We couldn’t go to their country…’

As a member of the EU, British citizens have the right to study, work, claim benefits, have free access to healthcare and retire in the 27 other countries in the EU.

Over 103, 000 British retired people are living in Spain

56, 000 British retired people are living in France[1] (

About 286, 000 UK citizens work in EU member states.

2.6% of British people are claiming benefits in other EU countries (

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