millions are due to lose their vote on 1st December 2015

the House of Lords supported the Government, by just 11 votes, to bring forward the full implementation of Individual Electoral Register (IER) by 12 months. These changes will see up to two million people drop off the electoral register on 1st December 2015 DON’T LOSE YOUR VOTE

This is the biggest disenfranchisement in our history. If that wasn’t bad enough, it will be the new register, with the millions of missing voters, that will be used to calculate the new parliamentary boundaries.


The statistics are stark. Young people are disproportionately not on the electoral register and we need to do something about it.

Just look at the facts for yourself:

  • 48% decline in 16-17 year olds joining the register over the past year. This means that only 25% of 16-17 year-olds are on the electoral register
  • 30% of 18-24 year-olds are not registered to vote and this figure will grow after 1 December. This compares to 14% for the population as a whole.
  • Only 30% of first year University students are registered and in some areas this is as low as 10-15%

HOPE not hate estimates that come 1 December, when the new Voter Registration rules kick in, over three million 16-24 year olds will not be on the electoral register.

This is a national scandal.


The way we register to vote in elections to Parliaments and Councils has changed.
When registering we now have to give our National Insurance Number and Date of Birth as well as our name and the address where we live.
Many millions of people haven’t done this.  So they are set to be taken off the register on 1 December and lose their right to vote.

Based on those registered on 1st December there will be boundary changes to voting constituencies; so if you are not registered you may lose your MP too!
It’s easy to register on-line at or by phoning your local Council. 



  • You must be a UK, Irish, EU or Commonwealth citizen.
  • Anyone over 15 can register now to get their vote from 18. 
  • Students can register at their home address and term time address. 
  • Young people who have lost their NI number can get it by phoning 0300 200 3500.
    Please make sure you, your family, friends and workmates are all registered to vote.                                                                                                                                            

Details of your local Electoral Registration office can be found at: 

How can you register?
·         Online registration
·         Registration form, which can be requested from the local Council and then delivered to them or downloaded from a website:
What do you need to get registered?
·         Name
·         Address
·         Date of birth
·         National Insurance Number


On 1 December, if the Government gets its way, up to 2 million people will drop off the electoral register.

They will join another 8 million who are not on the register at all. That’s 10 million people – or 1 in 5 of all eligible adults – who won’t be able to vote.

That’s a national scandal.

1 December will be the single biggest act of disenfranchisement in our history. And it’s all happening because the Government is changing the way we register to vote.

If you share my outrage over this then join me in doing something about it:

Where people can’t vote, disaffection sets in. Where disaffection sets in, then extremism has a fertile breeding ground. That’s why we’re pulling together a broad range of organisations to run a huge Voter Registration drive in November – and I’d love you to get involved.

We’ll be organising voter registration drives all over the country – from faith and community groups, to students – and organising a massive social media campaign to spread the message.

These changes are happening because the Government is rushing changes to the way we register to vote, against the advice of its election watchdog, the Electoral Commission.

What’s more, our Parliamentary seats are about to be redrawn too (reducing the number of MPs from 650 to 600). Crucially, these will be based on the 1 December electoral register … which is about to lose nearly 2 million people.

Why is this a HOPE not hate issue? When people lose faith in the system or their ability to make change through the democratic process, they become easy prey for extremists.

Voting is the lifeblood of any democracy, so it’s vital that as many people are on the register as possible. If you agree, then please sign up and get involved.

Let’s make November the month we reclaim our #MissingVoters.

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