Newsquest promotes fascists

The BNP’s message of hate is being spread across the West Midlands by their dedicated band of racist activists.

But now, a commercial media organisation is seeking to financially profit from the BNP’s vicious campaign. Newsquest, a major owner of local papers in Britain, have allowed the BNP to buy adverts in the West Midlands.

It provoked a storm of protest  – View HERE


Stourbridge News carried a ¼ page full colour BNP advert on page 20,  presumably Dudley and Halesowen News did similarly since they all have banner headlines in support of the Bnp on each of their websites, as does the Bromsgrove Advertiser. There is a nasty video of Fuhrer Griffin on the homepage of Kidderminster Shuttle and Redditch Advertiser (local rag) websites calling on their readers to vote Bnp.
We can stop them together – but I need you to contact Newsquest and then rally people to this campaign:

Although unpalatable, it is right that every party gets access to the news and the media during elections – including the BNP. That’s one thing. It is totally different for a company to profit from the BNP’s message of hate. National Union of Journalists agree – their General Secretary Jeremy Dear said "Newsquest should be ashamed of itself for taking money from an organisation that advocates racist policies that would directly discriminate against the communities these websites serve."

We’ve set up a page on the campaign site where you can let Newsquest know what you think of their policy to advertise and spread the BNP’s racist lies. The tool let’s you really easily register a complaint. Once you’ve done that we then need you to send this email to all of your friends and get them to do the same – this will only work if you take ownership of this campaign. Click here to join in:


Newsquest say they promote diversity – their statement on their website says all the right things. But words are shallow – and they’ve shown a willingness to turn their backs on their own policy for a few quid in advertising. We need as many people as we can to register a complaint – companies shouldn’t profit from spreading racist lies.

Never forget that every vote in this election counts, and anytime we can deny the BNP the oxygen of publicity we help our cause and stop the racists on our streets. Everytime the BNP come forward we need to knock them back.

Please take a second to contact Newsquest

We’ve had some amazing results in this campaign when we’ve taken collective action. Please take 30 seconds and help get these advertisements withdrawn.



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