fascists run to the hills!

Several thousand demonstrated against the ‘Red, White and Blue Festival’ and they ran away!
2 BNP supporters were prosecuted for Nazi salutes directed at protesters.
This was the 3rd year of our mass protests against this desecration of the English countryside.
The proposed 2010 RWB camp has BEEN CANCELLED by the fascists – victory!


SUPPORTED by: AMBER VALLEY CARF, DERBY CARF, NOTTS STOP THE BNP, UAF Visit www.nobnpfestival.wordpress.com
 Local PROTEST & MASS PICKET from 9am RALLY from 11am, MARCH at 12 noon 
The election of two British National Party fascists to the European Parliament was not just a symbolic victory for reactionary ideas and organisation in this country. The victories of Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons have given a massive boost in confidence, prestige and – importantly – money to the BNP.
In our workplaces, our communities and social networks will be one of the almost 1,000,000 people who voted BNP in June. We need to organise to change these people’s minds. We need to put a positive, labour movement alternative to the politics of hate.
But we also need to organise to knock some confidence out of the BNP and its supporters. The ‘Red, White and Blue Festival’ was our first big opportunity to do this. A massive show of solidarity against the racists was a big step towards this goal.

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