Stop Telford Arms Fair

TRIAL DEFERRED of anti-arms trade protestors arrested at last year’s arms fair in Telford who were due to face trial at Walsall Magistrates Court

new trial date awaited see latest info on

STOP TELFORD’S ARMS FAIR A movement of resistance against the SDSC-UK arms fair

Telford played host to the SDSC Arms Fair last November. This arms fair (then called 3CDSE) was chased out of Malvern by strong protests. It focuses on equipment for special forces soldiers, and has in previous years involved UK arms companies like BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Leonardo, and Israeli Elbit Systems.

Stop SDSC-UK, a coalition of groups from Quakers, CAAT, XR, STWC and others who took action against the Telford Arms fair on November 2nd.