TUC demo – A Future That Works

TUC organised mass demonstration through central London with a rally in Hyde Park, under the banner of ‘A Future That Works’  on Saturday 20th October

 Also from Wolverhampton

UNISON has coaches that may still have places ring 01902 554095/6 to book your places on their coaches
£5 deposit will be returned on the coach


We have block-booked train tickets; there are none now left

depart 8.45am from Wolverhampton station, arriving directly to Euston 10.34am; the ticket includes a travelcard.

Your outgoing seat reservation is included with your ticket.

At Euston take Underground Northern Line, heading south to Waterloo and we can walk back over Hungerford bridge to front of march  (Embankment is previous stop but likely to be very busy and may not be open)

At end of march head to Knightsbridge or Hyde Park Corner stations on south part of Hyde Park (where march enters park)

Take Underground north on Piccadilly line to Leicester Square and then Northern line to Euston. (as Victoria line from Green Park may be closed).  This should take just under half an hour.

return on any of several trains from Euston

eg 17.23hrs arr 19.11 W’ton;

18.03 arr 20.08;

18.23 arr 20.12;

19.03, arr. 21.08

19.23, arr. 21.12

19.43 arr 21.38

20.25 arr. 22.38

21.03 arr. 2310

 last train leaves 21.43hrs arr. 23.50

 all are direct, none are reserved.

Our tickets have been subsidised by a grant form the TUC and are available for union members whose branches are not providing their own transport and to members of community campaigns or unemployed.

Direct train travel may also prove easier for some protestors with disabilities.
contact info@wolvestuc.org.uk to book your train ticket from us or for futher details of local transport 
our address is WB&DTUC, POBox 2917, Wolverhampton WV2 2YA
any cheques to “WB&DTUC”
Other transport:
Also from Wolverhampton
UNISON members and families ring 554095 to book your places on their coaches
£5 deposit will be returned on the coach
From Walsall
Joint NUT/NASUWT/ATL coach – open to all – £5
contact Walsall NUT  01922 405343 / nut@walsall.gov.uk
Unsion, PCS and other unions organising own local or regional transport – contact your branch
From Dudley
Coaches are being coordinated by the Trades Council –  07827 817205 / dudleytuc@gmail.com
local transport Facebook page here…
TUC’s official website A Future That Works, click here… 
assemble Embankment, 11am to 1.30pm for march to rally in Hyde Park
On March 26 2011 the TUC’s March for the Alternative attracted over 500,000 people to a march and rally in London.

The TUC’s Charter for A Future That Works calls for urgent action by government, employers and other organisations to address the unemployment crisis facing young people today in the Black Country.

  • We believe there must be action now to make sure that there is a future worth looking forward to for young people in the Black Country.
  • A Job Guarantee: The Government should guarantee paid work or training to every young person who has been out of work for six months or more.
  • Action on Apprenticeships: All public bodies should commit to recruiting a set number of apprentices each year and public sector contracts should require all private contractors to have a quality apprenticeship scheme.
  • Quality Work Experience: Young people should have access to good quality work experience that includes a guarantee of both quality training and a job interview at the end of any placement.
  • Welfare Reform: In the short-term the Government should reform the rules on Jobseeker’s Allowance to allow young people to return to full time education without any effect on their benefits. In the longer term we need a Youth Credit (or other financial support) to help all young people boost both their learning and employment prospects.
  • Practical support: We need extra measures to help young people stay in education and assist with transport costs to enable young people to travel to work.
TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said:
‘The tide is turning against austerity. We were told that spending cuts were needed to get the economy growing, yet they have driven the UK back into recession. We were told that we were all in it together, yet Mr Cameron’s main purpose at the G8 summit seemed to be protecting the banks against the growing international support for a Robin Hood tax – and the last Budget’s centrepiece was cutting the 50p tax rate.
‘It is becoming ever clearer that this government does not have the policies – or even much of a commitment – to build a prosperous economy that can generate the jobs and industries we need for the future.
‘Rather than bold policies for investment and growth, the best that ministers can do is half-baked proposals to make it easier to sack people.
‘That is why we expect a huge turnout from the growing numbers that want a future that works. With the USA and France now setting out the alternative, it’s time the UK also changed course.’

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