Midlands TUC-Morning Star conference

HeartUnions Rally

Saturday 12 February 2022, 11:00 – 12:30
To mark the start of HeartUnions Week, the Morning Star and the TUC Midlands have teamed up again to host an online rally.

We’ll be hearing from leading national and regional trade unionists to celebrate the role unions play in securing equality, dignity and advancement for working people.

Speakers included:

Dave Ward, CWU General Secretary

Ben Chacko, Morning Star Editor

Lee Barron, TUC Midlands Regional Secretary

Dani Harvey, PCS Midlands Regional Secretary

In 2021 the TUC Midlands and the Morning Star jointly hosted a conference to explore how we can build a new deal for workers following the Covid-19 pandemic.

speakers were:

  • Sarah Woolley, General Secretary of BFAWU
  • Laura Pidcock, Peoples Assembly
  • Zarah Sultana MP
  • Ben Chacko, Editor of the Morning Star
  • Ben Selby, Vice President Elect & East Midlands Regional Secretary of FBU
  • Annmarie Kilcline, West Midlands Regional Secretary Unite the Union
  • Lee Barron, Regional Secretary of the TUC

The world of work failed too many workers pre-pandemic and the challenges of the last 12 months have shone a spotlight on the inequalities that ravage our society and workforce. We must not go back to the old system, we must build a fairer, more equal society that gives everyone a stake in the economy, a voice at work and hope of a better future.


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