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Join UCATT in the Midlands to say
No More Exploiting of Building Workers By Umbrella Companies


Over recent years the construction workers’ Union, UCATT, has been waging a campaign on so-called ‘umbrella’ firms who sub-contract work to builders and then avoid any responsibility as an employer. In some cases they have even charged workers an administration ‘fee’ for paying their wages and deducted over £20.00 per week for doing so!!!

As part of a national campaign to highlight the abuse of building and construction workers by Umbrella companies, Midlands UCATT is organised a public rally and leafleting session in Birmingham to coincide with all of the construction work currently under way in the city on Thursday 22 September 2016,

This immoral abuse of workers needs to be brought to the fore so that this exploitation can be challenged – only trade unions will do that, it is why we exist.


They are being forced to work through umbrella companies.
Because construction firms do not want to employ them directly,thousands of workers have to agree to be paid through umbrella companies.
They are given no option – if they don’t sign the umbrella contract there is no work for them.

Umbrella companies
• Take a cut of up to £20-£30 a week
• Charge the worker both employers’ and employees’ National Insurance contributions
• Only pay the worker National Minimum Wage
• Often roll-up holiday pay in the rate
• Wages made-up through dubious expenses
The vast majority of umbrella contracts are zero-hour contracts, leaving the worker with no financial stability.

• Workers who are not self-employed to be directly employed
• The hourly rate a worker is paid to be agreed between the worker and their employer
• Itemised pay statements to be transparent and easy to understand


 UCATT (MIDLANDS)  organised a demonstration regarding the immoral use of Umbrella Companies outside The Old Pebble Mill Site, Pebble Mill Road, Birmingham B5 7SA.  9.30am Wednesday 26th November

This was part of a national UCATT day of action where there will be a lobby of Parliament and all Regions demonstrating outside sites that allow this practise to take place.

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