Local Govt. Pay Claim LATEST

2008 claim: Strike action forced further concessions from the employers increasing their “final offer”.

ACAS binding arbritration has secured a further 0.3% on top of the 2.45% already paid out. (March 2009). 



Sunday 21st SEPTEMBER 08  – free local coach transport was organised to Manchester to bring to the attention of the Labour Party Conference, i.e. Ministers, MP’s and local Councillors attending the conference the derisory pay offer which has been made to Local Government workers this year of 2.45% and the affect it will have on our members.

This is all at a time when inflation presently stands at 5% and energy and other prices continue to literally go through the roof.  The message to those people on the day will be clear.  There is a huge contrast in this country with real people working in Local Government suffering pay cuts for delivering vital services to their local communities and at the same time achieving massive efficiency savings for no reward and we will contrast that against the obscene bonuses that some people receive in the city for example, sometimes for delivering failure as opposed to success.


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