US and UK lies over Cuba’s health system


The US film-maker, Michael Moore, has forced the Guardian “news”paper to retract a false report it carried that his film “Sicko”, revealing the dreadful state of US medical provision as compared with several other nations, one of which happened to be Cuba. 

On 17th December 2010 Wikileaks released a State Department cable from 2008 which claimed that Michael Moore’s film ‘Sicko’ had been banned in Cuba for depicting a ‘mythical’ healthcare system. The point was that, supposedly, if the film had been widely seen, that Cubans would have readily known that the incidents depicting easy access to drugs would be incorrect. Around the world, including in the Guardian, media outlets reported this as solid fact. 

The plain truth is that this is just a falsehood – one that could have easily been discovered by the process of classic journalism – ask! Michael Moore’s film has been released in Cuba and the state of the Cuban health system really is as is depicted in his film. Could it be that US diplomats genuinely find it unfeasible that a developing country can manage a better health system that the US, or are they just liers? And are mainstream journalists just gullible, or incompetent, or both?!! 

Find out the full truth and read the full report and Michael Moore’s response by going to:

and for your future news information best stick to the MORNING STAR which is truly Independent and not a Guardian of the establishment.


Medical brigade awarded WHO prize (2017)

The Executive Council of the World Health Organisation (WHO) awarded its Dr Lee Jong-wook Memorial Prize for Public Health to the Cuban medical brigade which responds to emergency and disaster situations.

The Henry Reeve Brigade which has provided medical and humanitarian aid following earthquakes and natural disasters around the world received the award in recognition of their work and the contribution of more than 250 Cuban health workers who volunteered in West Africa during the Ebola outbreak in 2014/15.

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