anti-fascist campaign Wednesfield by-elections Oct 08


heavy defeats for the fascists in both by-electionsbin_fasc.gif

BNP has been driven out of Wednesfield South! – their HQ and candidate’s electoral address was found lying empty and TO LET before the result was even declared!


Wednesfield North by-election result on Thursday 23 October 2008
CLARKE, Neil                    Conservative Party    1295

JONES, Dave                    Labour Party            1072
ORGAN, Dennis Anthony    British National Party 337 11.8%
JENKINS, Ian                    Liberal Democrats    156
Turnout: 31.61% 1 spoilt Electorate: 9055 Ballot Papers Issued: 2862

the fascists’ voted has dopped from 23% to 22% to 15% to 11% in successive elections

Wednesfield South by-election result on Thursday 23 October 2008
DOBB, Peter William         Conservative Party 1123

HARDACRE, Michael Owen  Labour Party 867
BRADNOCK, David             British National Party 358 14.4%
STEATHAM, John Richard    Liberal Democrats 134
Turnout: 28.52% 4 spoilt Electorate: 8717 Ballot Papers Issued: 2486

BNP stood in the October 23rd by-elections in Wednesfield North and Wednesfield South, taking place following the unceremonious exit of the sitting Tory councillors. The fascists have stood 4 times now in Wednesfied North without success. Their vote has been successively driven back since its initial highest point, but it is essential we do not let them get a foot-hold. We will continue to run anti-campaigns if ever they stand again.  click here to view our message

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