April 2001

WB&DTUC Minutes of Delegate Meeting
Thursday 19th April 2001

Bros. D Joynson, N Kelleher, J Grant, P Davis, B Deacon, P Clements, A Turner, D Ash, M Sandell (speaker). Sis. M Smith, D Fogg.

 1. Apologies Bros. R Marris, N Brackenridge. Sis. S Sagoo.

2. Minutes of April delegate meeting, Matters Arising.
5.3.3. Conference costs. Bro. Deacon has so far been unable to ratify the number of conferences that delegates may be eligible to attend. It was agreed to drop this issue as an agenda item until such time there are insufficient funds available.

3. Executive Committee report (10-05-01)
EC cancelled.


3.1. Lifelong Learning MPDP co-optee. Agreed Bro. J Grant continue.

3.2. TUCJCC. Agreed Sis. D Heath.

3.3. TUIREC agreed re-affiliate @ £25.

3.4. Bro. Halestrap re Citizens Income Study bill £40. Secretary to write to Bro. Halestrap to tell him to return bill as materials sent were unsolicited.

3.5. Stand up for Council Housing passed to Bro. D Ash.

3.7. Troops Out of Ireland. Petition circulated.

3.8. Cuba Solidarity Campaign. Agreed to take out standing order @ £5/month.

3.9. TGWU Skychefs card thanking for support. Circulated if copies wanted contact the Secretary.
3.12 & 3.13. re Friends of Bilston College. Document by Bro.Grant agreed in response to mailings. It was agreed that Trades Council does not participate in any futher correspondence with or entertain Friends of Bilston College.


4. Reports:
a) Secretary. Written report provided.

b) UNISON Dudley Group of Hospitals strike update. Short verbal report by Bro. Turner. Rally to take place this Friday at Pensnett WMC 10 – 12pm.

c) Workers Memorial Day and May Day Festival reports. See Secretary’s written report. Bro. Deacon proposed a vote of thanks to the committee members for all their hard work.

e) Workplace reports. Bro. J Grant reported that NATFHE begin a national campaign of one day strikes beginning Tuesday, plus work-to-rule. Dispute is about pay and conditions.


5. Speaker: Mark Sandell, UCRATUL, GPMU Organiser(pers cap.).
Agreed to Join the United Campaign for the Repeal of the Anti-Trade Union Laws @ £25.


6. Resolution to TUCs’ annual conf.
Young People and Education. Amendment carried.


7. A.O.B.
Bro. Davis to provide written report of Black Workers Conference for next meeting.

D Joynson 18.05.01

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