April 2005

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

Sisters: Halfpenny (NUT),  Taylor (CYWU),  Ceresa (UNISON)
Brothers:  Kelleher (UNISON), Tinsley (FBU),  Grant (NATFHE),
 Ash (UNISON),  Deacon (UNISON),  Juss (GMB), McKenzie (TUC Regional Secretary),  Marris(TGWU) and  Goodall – arrived towards end of meeting,

Apologies Phil Goalby(FBU), Norman Brackenridge (FBU), Dave Cole (NUT), Rob Marris (TGWU)

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed to be a true record
3.3 Low Pay Unit NK and MT had discussion with R Lawrence, leader of the council, and ascertained that the money had already been committed
3.4 Working with Schools and colleges.  There are some excellent materials produced by the TUC nationally.  Do the NUT have copies of these materials?   BD will try to obtain up-to –date resources.

3.1 Executive Committee report.  Copies circulated,
3.1.1 Cater killer and Motorcade events past Hockley Heath were successful – well decorated vehicles, well organised
3.1.2 TUC LGBT observer nomination none made
3.1.3 Still hope to get speaker from Black Country Museum for next meeting
3.1.5 BNP candidate in South West Constituency.  Searchlight to be distributed around Merryhill Ward.  No response regarding possible campaigning in Wombourne.  There are worries about Stoke and the Mayoral Campaign there.
3.1.6 Workers memorial day is organised.
3.1.7 May Day – Everything is produced.  Leaflets need distributing  around Dunstall.  Stalls 3o’clock set-up.
3.2. RMT Save our railways campaign postcards circulated for completion
3.3.Abortion Rights postcards for delegates to send to prospective candidates.     .
 New website hosting £35 for transfer and annual hosting £30 per year.
 Black Country Unite Against Fascism £50 donation agreed
 Make sure your union is listed in Yellow pages as it is free and so is Thompson’s.  NK has details.

a) Vacant Committee places – for Executive – no nominations.  Next meeting Agenda
b)  NK is president of the County Association . West Midlands County Association of TU.  Still one place vacant.  Put on next agenda.

a) Secretary – Written report.- more unions still to affiliate,  need names for Leeds Festival  Bar Volunteers
b)  Treasurer – £2000 approximately in funds
c) Anti-fascist sub-committee- see earlier minute 3.1.5
d) Delegates workplace –Roger McKenzie updated delegates concerning the MG Rover task group.  Learning and Skills Council involved.  Steve Evans to be asked to update delegates at the next meeting
e) Pensions strike 23.03.05 called off.  Await to see what will happen following the election.
f) Workers Memorial Day 28 April St Peters Square 12.30pm
g) May Day 1.05.05 3.30pm to 7.00pm at Dunstall Hill Community Centre.  Main speaker Rodney Bickerstaffe



Discussion about different ways that the TUC regionally could be organised. 
• Practical work we can do in the community
• Organise black workers
• New structures needed to support locally based activities
• Trust between TU councils and regional TUC affiliates
• Roger McKenzie is inviting Trades Councils to FULLY participate in the discussion about future structure
• Trade Unionism should have a broader appeal – unemployed, agency workers etc.

Discussion followed

8.       AOB  none

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