April 2006

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

1. ATTENDANCE: Sister: Ceresa (UNISON), Brothers: Kelleher (UNISON), Grant (NATFHE), Childs (CWU observer), Deacon (UNISON), Cole (NUT), Hardacre (ASPECT), Juss (GMB)  Apologies: Sis. Halfpenny(NUT), Taylor(CYWU), Sagoo(UNISON)  Bros. Ash, Davis & Farmer(UNISON),  Marris(TGWU)

2. Minutes of the March meeting were agreed to be a true record. MATTERS ARISING:
2.1 Bro. Hardacre has raised issue of TUC course at Wolverhampton College in his capacity as a governor.
2.2 GMB Walmart(ASDA) – Sec written to 2 GMB branches offering assistance and seeking affiliation.
2.3 letters still to be written to Pat McFadden re EDMs and council re FLAG

3.1 Midlands TUC Trades Union Council Task Group update received – Sec to send comments that arose from discussion. Only invite speaker if we have further discussion points to raise.
3.2 W’ton Council invite to annual meeting 17 May – pass to Vice-Pres.
3.3 Workers Beer Company 2006 festival dates – recruitment leaflet updated
3.4 Worcester May Day request to circulate info – email & web done
3.5 Eyes Wide Theatre Co. seeking interviews about racial discrimination – pass to Racial Harassment Network
3.6 Ken Purchase MP in support of ID cards
3.7 Palestine Solidarity national demo Sat 20 May London – transport details 450640
3.8 RAF Civic reception invite – pass to STW
3.9 TUC Tolpuddle leaflets 14-16 July -circulate in next mailing
Correspondence Sent:
3.10 TV, local radio and press coverage of Pensions rally as a result of media release
3.11 Liberty EC ballot, voted for trade unionists AGM 20th May
3.12 All other correspondence noted.
3.13 May delegate meeting speaker Education Bill/School Academies –Bro. Cole to arrange speaker
3.14 affiliations campaign – need to approach NATFHE –Bro.Grant. he spoke at PCS retired section meeting seeking affiliation.  UNISON & GMB written to by Sec branches mentioning joint work on pensions and anti-fascism.

4. Election: West Midlands County Association of TUCs – Bro.Hardacre elected

5. Reports & discussion:
a) Secretary written report circulated
b) Treasurer – healthy balance reported
c) Local Govt. Pensions Strike Campaign – UNISON delegates, reported April strike dates suspended pending negotiations brokered by TUC. 100% support offered by NUT.
d) Delegates’ workplace reports – Bro.Cole gave NUT conference report, highlighting international issues. Commended Morning Star for best coverage.
e) TUC Black Workers’ Conference – written report from our observer Bro. Davis. Bro. Juss gave verbal report. Main issues: Anti-BNP campaigning, H&S discrimination of black workers, all schools have anti-racism policy – automatic Ofsted improvement notice if not. Report of superb Cuban Health system and their help for developing nations.
f) Anti-BNP election campaign (Wednesfield N) – still need local quotes from churches/Kick Racism out of football for leaflet – 5000 leaflets. Volunteers and dates for leafleting agreed.
g) May Day– publicity distributed. Volunteers needed to set up venue from 11-30am on May 1st
h) Workers’ Memorial Day– order wreath @£25, enquire about making of a banner. Leaflets to be given out to public at start of event-Bro.Grant & Deacon to organise. Media release needed. Bro.Cole to speak on workplace stress if required.
i) PSC trade union conference – Bro.Deacon commented on Hamas victory. TUC nationally is giving even handed treatment to Israel, the occupiers. Public service workers not been paid last month due to withholding of money to the elected Palestinian government. Christian Aid is available to give excellent power point presentations on issues. Write to MPs re British government stance
j) Rahimi Family Must Stay Campaign – Bro Kelleher reported from last campaign meeting that 1st judicial review had been cancelled by current solicitor since it was based on the initial single page submission that almost led to their deportation. Bro. Kelleher to see Ken Purchase with family to seek assurances during this legal ‘in limbo’ period. WB&DTUC to chair forthcoming public meeting organised by the support campaign.
6. Any other business -none

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