Birmingham Defend Jobs UNITE demo

some 7000 people took to the streets of Birmingham. United in the belief that the Government needs to provide more support for our jobs, we marched for each other, for our jobs and communities. Our march was a tremendous success and a real show of unity.

Now we need to build on this momentum – will you write to your MP asking them to support our Unite for Jobs campaign?

Our campaign is about putting people first. Over the past few weeks thousands upon thousands of people have left messages on our website – it is their stories that have resonated; the tragedy of redundancy, the stress of threat to livelihood and the morale-crushing pain of long term employment.

They are the voices of this recession, the reason why we act and ultimately show the importance of our Union

The Unite for Jobs campaign has been about telling their story – through photos, email and blogs we’ve shown who really suffers in this recession.

But change comes through action. That’s why we marched – sending the message that without an active Government safeguarding Britain’s jobs and talents, we all suffer – socially and economically.

Now we’d like Unite members to contact their MP to send this message personally. We’ve set up a tool that lets you email your MP – will you send a message?

The power of our Union comes through collective action and a unified call for change. There is not a town, street or family in the land untouched in some way by this recession, but if we stand together we can emerge from this downturn stronger and fairer than before.

Our march in Birmingham was a great success but we need to build on this momentum. Please email your MP and help rally political support to our call for change.

Thank you,

Derek Simpson and Tony Woodley


Unite for jobs
Join the march and rally
Saturday 16 May 2009
Help defend and secure jobs
A massive march for jobs through the UK’s manufacturing heartland has been called by Unite in a major effort to ensure that action to protect jobs and skills is first among the government’s recession-beating priorities.

So join the march for jobs through Birmingham on Saturday 16 May 2009 from Highfield Rd, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15.

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