Multinational companies have been illegally blacklisting trade-unionists for years, denying them employment. This film shares first hand experience from 12 blacklisted workers (including Ricky Tomlinson & Steve Acheson) about their fight for justice.

watch this excellent,  16 minute film Blacklisted here

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Dudley TUC held a very well attended meeting Tuesday 1st March 2016 with 

Dave Smith, Blacklisting Support Group Secretary, activist and co-author of “Blacklisted – the secret war between big business and union activists”.

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Wednesday 18th November 2015 speakers:  Dave Smith; Author Blacklisted and Frank Keogh; West Midlands Unite the Union

Dave Smith is a blacklisted construction worker and author of Blacklisted. In it he tells the controversial story of the illegal strategies that transnational construction companies resorted to in their attempt to keep union activists and health and safety reps away from their places of work. This is a story of a bitter struggle, in which collusion with the police and security services resulted in victimization, violence and unemployment, with terrible effects on families and communities.

In October the Blacklist Support Group forced the eight largest construction companies involved to admit their guilt. These companies were desperate to avoid appearing in court but the campaign is continuing.

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