January 2011 report

Secretary's Supplementary Report January 2011
Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC info@wolvestuc.org.uk

WB&DTUC proposed change to rule 5
“5) Composition of Executive Committee …… At meetings of the Executive Committee seven elected members, including Officers, shall form a quorum.”
Replace “seven” with “three”.

Nominations needed for President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary
Nomination for Executive Committee; Vera Kelsey (CWU)

Len Aldis confirmed as speaker at our AGM

Branches that have affiliated for 2011: UNITE 5/998, UNITE 0758M, CWU (W’ton), POA, Community Hall Palm & 17000, UNISON University, NUT, ATL, PCS(West Mercia) – NEED TO GET OTHER 14 branches re-affiliated ASAP – VOLUNTEERS?

1) Urgent matters arising from December minutes – invite to Paul Uppal, cheque to Walsall H&S, letter to Stoke Council re International Brigade, Palestine ASDA boycott has been put on website

2) Correspondence:
2.1. TUC registration and conference observer forms for AGM
2.2. WM County Assoc TUCs meeting Sat. 29 Jan & 19 March T&G, Broad St B’ham 10am. Mary Simpson Chair WMCATUC and Coventry TUC activist has died suddenly. Send card.
2.3. Bilston Corridor Area action plan
2.4. Campaign for Labour Party Democracy reaffiliation £15 AGM 19 Feb – noted
2.5. Cuba Solidarity reaffiliation £40 ACTIONED + details of brigades
2.6. WMids CND reaffiliation £5 + £5 donation ACTIONED
2.7. Abortion Rights AGM 19 March
2.8. Palestine Solidarity AGM London 22-1-11
2.9. Telford TUC and Birmingham TUC minutes
Sent: Morning Star adverts placed

3) AGM news release to be done, refreshments for speaker. Hotel booked @£29

4) Secretary’s supplementary report & annual report – printed copy hard to read, full version online

5) March 26 demo – flyer printing – 10,000 A5 quattroprint 0871 288 4878 £130 slow, solopress fast £190

6) Workers Memorial Day 28-4-11 leaflet ready – check other local details with neighbouring TUCs – other comments? printing to be done

7) 1st May Workers Day – set meeting date – meet @ Pegasus?
8) Xmas Party – need final total to treasurer, poor sales by union branches, turnout reasonable but less money made.

9) future speakers Volunteers to arrange?
a) national/local NUS President? – await result of motion to students union by Bro.Sheridan seeking help with anti-fascist campaign.
b) Sis.Taylor to approach Len McClusky
c) Bro.Grant to approach Michael Mansfield QC

10) Suggested hold March meeting in Dunstall Comunity Centre and hold it as a public meeting to build for March 26th?

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