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The Saville Inquiry report on Bloody Sunday now published the vast £191 million, 5,000-page report is published on the inquiry website,

Setting the Truth Free
To our supporters everywhere
On 30th January 1972, a dark cloud descended upon this beautiful city. It stayed until last Tuesday, 15th June 2010 – over 38 years of a journey. It has now been lifted.
It has been a long journey from the beginning of the Bloody Sunday Justice Campaign to where we are today. Although we have always known the truth – now we can now rest easy – safe in the knowledge that our loved ones have been officially declared innocent by Lord Saville.
From the early days of the campaign, it became apparent that we would need moral, political and financial support. With this in mind, we called upon you, the people of Derry, to help. We couldn’t have done this without you.
Not only have we had strong community support and political support, we have also been fortunate enough to have friends throughout the world eager to help us ‘Set the Truth Free’. Thanks to all those who campaigned, marched and encouraged us over the years. Special thanks must also be conveyed to our legal teams, who faced their daunting task with professionalism and courtesy.
Our gratitude must also be expressed to Bloody Sunday Trust members, past and present, who have been a constant support and guiding light throughout the campaign, and to Cunamh for their assistance throughout the Inquiry.
It would be impossible to name all those who have helped us over the years, but please be assured we appreciate everything you have done. Without your encouragement and support, we would not have been able to stand before you on the steps of the Guildhall last week. Without your perseverance, the story of what happened here on Bloody Sunday would have long since been forgotten.
Last Tuesday was an historic event for the people of Derry and beyond and we gladly share our achievement with all of you. From within the Guildhall we could hear the cheers of the expectant Derry crowds, and this, accompanied by Lord Saville’s verdict and David Cameron’s apology, meant the world to us. The subsequent meeting between families and Protestant church leaders further highlighted the need for healing for all those affected by conflict.
For decades, we, the families and the wounded, had longed for the truth to be set free and we are very grateful that so many were present to share in our sense of relief and achievement. Thank you.
Le buíochas as ucht agus le grá mór
(With heartfelt thanks and great love)
The Bloody Sunday families and wounded
‘Set the Truth Free’ Campaign,

Bloody Sunday Family Support Centre,
Unit B5 Ráth Mór Centre,
Bligh's Lane,
 BT48 OLZ 

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