Chile, 40 years on

 Saturday 16th November 

Chile 40 Years On & The Left in Latin America Today

The democraticaly elected Socialist Goverment was ousted by a bloody Military coup d’état, killing president Salvador Allende and thousands of his supporters, installing a Military Junta led by Margaret Thatcher’s friend General Pinochet. 11th September 1973 – the other 9/11 – Official figures 3,065 chileans Dead/Disappeared.


Chile 40 Years On & The Left in Latin America Today


Saturday 16th November

venue: UNISON, 24 Livery St. B3 2PA


1pm – 6pm


Short films, workshops, speakers,


Admission: free ( donation)

2013 marks the 40th Anniversary of the military coupthat resulted in the death of socialist President Salvador Allende and thousands of his supporters. The wealthy, supported by the US, ignoring the rule of law, joined in the overthrow of his democratically elected government.

During the 3 years of Allende’s government a great deal had been achieved: nationalisation of natural resources and banking, Agricultural Reform that saw redistribution of land to peasants, massive expenditure on housing, health and education – and much more.

This conference Is an opportunity to reflect on the coup and its impact on us today, and to learn about recent developments in Latin America to carry on Allende’s vision of a fairer world. Another world is possible!



Sergio Requena, Chilean exile, President Coventry Trades Union Council

Helen Yuill, Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign

Emma Felber, Bolivia Information Forum


Others to be confirmed



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