December 2002

WB&DTUC Minutes of Delegate Meeting
Thursday 19th December 2002

Bros. D Joynson, R Marris, N Kelleher, B Deacon, J Eastlow, D Ash, G Baynham, R Tinsley, K Stelfox, W Juss, P Davis, K Rana. Sis. H Aujla (visitor).

1. Welcome to New Delegates/Visitors & Apologies
Bro. N Brackenridge, J Grant, P Goalby, D Turner. Sis. M Taylor.

2. Minutes of November Delegate meeting
True & correct record.
Matters arising.
5.1 Verbal report given by Bro. Eastlow. A Bid as been put to the management committee, if rejected Beacon Industries will cease to exist on January 10th 2003.
Reports item e). Verbal report given on leafleting campaign at Sainsbury’s. Police arrived, took photo’s but did not approach campaigners. Next meeting to take place the 9th January 2003, not the 2nd. Stop the War PSE branch launch will take place on the 1st February.

3. Executive Committee Report (12-12-02) & Further Correspondence
Executive meeting cancelled.
Further correspondence:
6. Worcester Labour History group re: pamphlets. Secretary to contact and purchase 2 sets or possibly to swap with our history books.
3. Wolverhampton Community Network. Secretary to invite a speaker from the Local Strategic Partnership to February meeting.
9. Searchlight. Countering Racism & Fascism though the CATUC to regional TUC.

4. Reports
a) Secretary: – written report.
b) Treasurer: – absent.
c) FBU: – Bro. Tinsley gave a verbal report on the state of the current action being carried out by the FBU. FBU has published its response to the Baynham report.
e) Anti-war demo Feb 15th 2003: please contact the Secretary to book places.

5. Resolutions

6. Not This Time Simon Jones Campaign against corporate killing Video was screened

7. AOB


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