December 2008


18th December 2008 MINUTES of Delegate MEETING

SISTERS – Halfpenny (NUT), Kelsey (CWU), Reynolds (GMB) BROTHERS – Kelleher (UNISON General), Cole (NUT), Rahimi (UNITE), J.Grant (UCU), S.Grant (NUT), Purchase MP, Childs (CWU), Clarke (POA), Marris (UNITE).
Apologies: – Sis. Petford (UNITE) Brothers – Hardacre (ASPECT), Woodstock (PCS), Brackenridge (FBU), Juss (GMB), Muir (CYWU), Goodall (UNISON), Ash (UNISON), Bostock (POA), Marriot (UNISON)

1. WELCOME & introductions

2. MINUTES of November MEETING – approved
Matters Arising: Affiliation reminders have been sent out.
Bro. Goodall disciplinary hearing is 23rd December 2008. Some flaws highlighted in investigation.
Some Trades Council members leafleted for RMT. Ken Purchase and Rob Marris have made representations to government with regard to closure of rail link between Walsall and Wolverhampton.

3. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Report- matters arising:
Nominating Bro. Grant for long service badge as Treasurer.
Thomson’s will speak at AGM on recent case law. No date yet for Heath Town by-election.

a) Holocaust Memorial Day – Invite for President to the service. Bro. Cole to contact inter faith group to discover nature of ceremony.
b) Searchlight education day school 7 Feb – would like more delegates than just Bro. Kelleher.
c) Pat McFadden trying to sell Post Office to Dutch. P.P.S has signed in the process. TNT strike breakers. Important issue as Post Office is public service. CWU need to target Pat McFadden.
d) No money in account from Leeds Festival although Bro. Kelleher has receipt.
e) Re-affiliation to Walsall WEA Health and Safety branch plus donation agreed £20

a) Secretary’s report tabled.
b) Treasurers report – none
c) UNISON – massive cuts to council services announced by Liberal/Tory council.
Bro. Kelleher went to cabinet meeting to discuss various cuts in Social Services. Consultations start January. Lots of job losses proposed.
d) Delegates workplace reports – none
e) Race Equality Partnership Wolverhampton – in dire straits, agenda too broad. Need to gain more information. Sis. Halfpenny will contact.
f) Anti-fascist campaign – Wolverhampton together has not met. Bro. Marris will contact Bishop. ‘Rewind’ presentation. Bro.Weaver said Midlands TUC did not need to seek approval for grants at TUC executive.
g) WMCA TUC Bro. Kelleher (President) forgot to go.
h) Palestine Solidarity – None.
i) Cuba Solidarity – 50th anniversary of revolution 2009. Messages on Cuba Solidarity website. Political prisoners are badly treated in Cuba. American blockade should be ended.

5. AOB – Bro. Purchase re: two academies Wolverhampton University and Wolverhampton College have agreed to be sponsors. Resource issue regarding 6th forms. Bro. Purchase believes it should be opposed as he thinks it will be divisive. Trade Union issue regarding contracts for academies. Teacher Unions have asked to meet with College and University. Council has said that staff would have National Pay and Conditions and local Conditions of Service as in Wolverhampton schools. No NUT members have contacted us.

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