December 2009

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council  (est.1865)
Minutes of delegate meeting Thursday 17th December ’09
Minutes lost – these have been drawn up in February 2010 by Secretary
Present: Bro. Kelleher, Bostock, Marriott, Childs, Grant, Evans, Cole, Deacon, Purchase, Brookfield, Clarke + UNITE officer
Sis. Halfpenny, Taylor
Apologies Bro.Juss, Marris, Brackenridge, Grant   Sis Burke
1) Introductions to delegates & visitors, new & old, & apologies 
2. Minutes of November delegate meeting agreed
3) Executive Committee Report & Correspondence
3.1. £100 donation UNITE 0758 for Workers’ Memorial Day 2010 (also £150 donation for 2010 May Day). Affiliation form 2010 also received. Receipts sent.
3.2. £10 donation for Xmas party Sis Heath, Walsall
3.3. Rob Marris 2010 surgery dates
3.4. Gatelodge via UPS – correspondence with POA re use of private service that has failed to deliver post twice now.
3.5. Voluntary sector council Mailing offer (list of 650) for £30, deadline 24 Feb. 2010 for 10 March mailing, next mailing 12 May –use for WMDay?
3.6. Birmingham TUC mailing offer £10
3.7. TUC – offer of Join a Union brochures
3.8. TUC’s The Union Advantage report
3.9. Birmingham TUC minutes
3.10. £300 invoice from Searchlight for anti-fascist leaflets in 2009 – agreed to pay.  TUC Development Grant application £300 anti-fascist work in 2009 has been sent.
3.11. Letter of thanks from Morning star re recent donation.
3.12. TUC Women’s conference – deadline 22-1-10 – take nominations at AGM
3.13. PSC re-affiliation  £25 due – agreed to send
3.14. United Campaign  mailing re Peoples Charter 
3.15. Leaflet advertising “Coalition to stand general election candidates”- noted
3.16. TUC LGBT Network request for finance
3.17. Invite to speak UNITE – Two Sisters
3.18. Offer of speakers  from the Bloody Sunday and Ballymurphy Relatives 19th – 24th Jan. Troops Out Movement – agreed to invite
3.19. PPPS (Morning Star adverts) cheque £272 plus £72.50 (from last year) for advance payments for adverts current credit £315.15
3.20. MPs request to sign EDM501 Workers’ Memorial Day recognition
4) Reports:
a)  Secretary – written report circulated and discussed. Xmas party Dec 22nd  
b) UNISON, CYWU, POA – campaign against council cuts & privatisation reports, good discussion
c) Midlands County Association of TUCs report – our motion to dissolve the CATUC was lost – Secretary did not re-stand as chairperson of CATUC
d) Pensioners’ report by Bro.Deacon
6)   no speaker attended from UNITE – Two Sisters workers 
There were seasonal refreshments


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