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Monday 24th February  Dudley Council House,  Priory Road. 5pm to 6-30pm Protest at Full Council Meeting . No Cuts! Tell Labour to fight the Tory cuts not impose them.

No to Cuts in Children’s Centres and other support for families .Social care for elderly and disabled…Family support services…transport for children with special needs…Day Care Centres, Keep New Bradley Hall and Leisure services in Council Hands …
Stand together against all Cuts. Dudley Coalition Against the Cuts

Tuesday 11th February 9.45am Protest called by parents concerned over cuts to Childrens services. Dudley Council House. 

SAVE NEW BRADLEY HALL public meeting was held Tuesday 17th December in Kingswinford.

Dudley Council wants to off-load New Bradley Hall into the Private Sector. Once out of Local Authority control New Bradley Hall will NEVER come back.  

All we are going to argue about is WHEN the grounds become a Housing Estate NOT IF 

The Service will get worse and the Care Fees will go up All we’re going to argue about is WHEN


Keep New Bradley Hall in Public Hands!

Dudley Labour council’s announcement of cuts in the order of £26milion pounds, with more to come, spells devastation for the services provided by the local authority. Already we have seen proposals to close several Children’s Centres, close care homes and hand over New Bradley Hall old people’s home to a ‘not for profit’ organisation. The council is asking residents to take part in a consultation and advise which services they want to save. It’s a bit like the butcher asking the lamb in which order it wants to be cut up.

When Tim Crumpton and other Labour councillors blame the unprecedented cuts in funding imposed by the Tories, they are right. But, their decision to take responsibility for doing the Tories’ dirty work for them is a mistake. Is it any wonder that people are confused over whom to trust in politics? Is it surprising that UKIP who have nothing but contempt for Trade Unions are able to pretend to be workers friends and visit fire-fighters picket lines, or that a Tory MP has the gall to get up a petition over the closure of his local Children’s centre?

The ConDem coalition is using the economic crisis to undermine national and local authority public services. What they cannot see a private and profitable future for, will be destroyed. If they are successful and the council ends up providing only statutory minimum services, what point would there be in a council? No longer would ordinary people be able to bring their council to account, or have any influence on how the community is provided for. We would be totally at the mercy of the market and big business.

Tax the Rich

There is an alternative. Britain continues to be one of the richest countries in the world. In the more difficult, more indebted times, after World War Two, the Labour Government of 1945, found the resources to establish the NHS, a national system of education and a caring welfare system.

Our money was used to bail out the failing banks at the beginning of the crisis. They are still making £billions while our health centres close. The headline corporations like Npower, Starbucks etc make £billions and avoid or evade tax while our children’s futures are put at risk and our grandparents last days are likely to be increasingly undignified. The public school millionaire Tory government won’t willingly change this, but a real fight back from our side could make them.

Stand Together.

We need a unified fight against all the cuts, involving the trade union movement and all the local campaigns over each and every service. There are many, many Labour controlled authorities. They should stand with us and refuse to implement the Tory cuts, refuse to destroy what their predecessors helped build. Such united resistance could sweep away this increasingly shambolic but vicious government.

Contact e-mail   dudley.catc@gmail.com

There was a PROTEST outside the Full Council Meeting on Monday 2nd December @Dudley Council House steps.  (opposite Coronation Gardens)

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