Save Central Baths

Ex&Star picture Central Baths
Ex&Star picture Central Baths

Ex&Star picture Central Baths

 All 60 councillors were forced to debate the issue when they met on Wednesday 5th February at the Civic Centre and campaigners were out in forceThousands of people signed a petition against the proposed closure of Central Baths which was presented outside the baths to councillors on 14 Jan 2014 by campaigners and UNISON workers.

The campaign met Councillor Mattu. He said that despite the bad news about further cuts, work on the revised business plan is going ahead and the Council’s Cabinet are keen to keep the facility open by making it more financially sustainable.

We oppose the proposal to close Central Baths.
The pool is well used by schools, swimming clubs and the general public.

It is the most conveniently located pool for people who live to the west of Wolverhampton.
Closing Central Baths would have serious public health consequences for local residents.


Email Carol at if you would like a copy of the paper petition form to take to your workplace

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Plans to close Wolverhampton’s Central Baths make “a mockery” of the Olympic legacy, campaigners have said. read more…

Central Baths’ council webpage

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