February 2001

MINUTES of 15th FEBRUARY 2001 Wolverhampton Bilston & District TUC

1. Present: Sis.Sagoo, Taylor
Bros. Kelleher, Marris, Turner, Dodd, Reynolds, Baynham, Davis, Rana, Smith.
Apologies: Bros.N.Brackenridge, Deacon, Turner MP, Purchase MP, Sharrat, Joynson.

2. Minutes of December delegate meeting agreed no matters arising
3. Executive Committee report (8-2-01) had been inquorate

4. Correspondence
4.1. affiliations MSF 558, POA, NUT, CYWU. also GMB, TGWU 5/748 cheques to follow
4.2. affiliation requests from: TU CND £12 – agreed, AGM 24 March, London was noted
4.3. Bro.Marris request £50 donation to Walsall WEA – agreed
4.4. Gujarat Earthquake Appeal (W’ton) donation request – £25 agreed Bro.Reynolds suggested contacting Markets management re their collection
4.5. Sandwell Unity conference against fascists 24 March
4.6. TUC re Directory – agreed Secretary write motion for TUC conference criticising TUC’s attitude to TUCouncils & campaigns/publicity
4.7. TUC Women’s Health seminar 3 March circulated at meeting
4.8. newsletters: Voices, TUCND, TUNews Walsall WEA H&S bulletin
4.9. Bro.Stoll petitions on railways and CND
4.10. Bro.Barnsby articles on Wolverhampton & Institutionalised Racism
4.11. Socialist Health Alliance and CLPD mailings
correspondence sent
4.12. TUC re observers to: Lesbian & Gay, Black Workers’ and Women’s’ conferences
4.13. affiliation receipts to branches
4.14. affiliations CLPD £10, WMLow Pay Unit £15
4.15. Searchlight requesting AGM speech

5. Reports:
a) Secretary – written report was circulated.
b) UNISON Dudley Group of Hospitals strike- 3-week strike began 11 Feb. Demo Sat 3rd March, B’ham centre marching to Gisela Stewart MP’s surgery.
c) May Day 2001 Sis Sagoo & Taylor and Bro Dodd volunteered to assist, meeting to be arranged.

6. Speaker from Thompsons solicitors, Bro.Marris addressed council on Stress at Work cases, this was followed by questions and discussion.

7. Any Other Business – none.

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