Fixing Leicester’s garment industry – one year on

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TUC launch new report marking the one year anniversary of a roundtable jointly held by the TUC, Leicester City Council in response to the crisis within Leicester’s garment industry When the latest scandal surrounding Leicester’s garment industry hit the headlines again last year, TUC Midlands knew it was time for us to step up to the plate.


Scandal has dogged the industry for too long, and it’s working people who suffer as a result.

But we don’t want anger; we don’t want grand standing; we want solutions.

Instead of exploitation we want good jobs, a thriving sector and an industry that Leicester can be proud of.

That’s why the trade union movement across Leicester and the Midlands have rolled up our collective sleeves, reached out to brands, to politicians and to NGOs and the wider Leicester community, in search of a better model for the industry.

We know we can’t solve this on our own, but we appreciate we’ve got a crucial role to play.

Let’s build a better industry, together, that can bring success and better, safe jobs. That’s our sole aim.

This is the story one year on. And we’ve not finished yet.

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