Heart Unions week

all of the events nationally are listed here https://www.megaphone.org.uk/calendars/heart-unions-week-2024

Wolverhampton TUC  #heartunions week – trade union recruitment stalls


Our volunteers from UNITE WM6150, UNITE WM5203, UNITE WM5115, UNITE LE372, ASLEF, GMB x13 and UNISON Staffordshire recruited a number of people to various trade unions this weekend at Wolverhampton market and Bilston market, speaking to over 500 people about the benefits of being in a union, giving them our Join a Union Valentine cards and TUC #heartunions recruitment material.

Sunday 11 February 2024 @ Bilston market

On Saturday 10 Feb 2024@ Wolverhampton market – we hadn’t even set up stall and a private care worker approached us asking how to join a union.

Members of three UNITE branches, plus UNISON and GMB helped Wolverhampton TUC recruit a number of people to a variety of trade unions and gave out trade union recruitment info to several hundred more, as part of annual national campaign to tell people of the benefits of trade unionism #heartunions week.

#heartunions week 2023 – we held stalls Sat 11 Feb 2023 Wednesfield High St

and and Sun 12 Feb Bilston market, giving out cards we have produced to promote unions.

11 volunteers took part, from ASLEF, CWU, GMB, UNISON, UNITE and LP. Our ever popular annual activity was a little different this year, instead of the flowers, we gave out hundreds of greetings cards, designed by a member of our trades council, with a join a union message on the back, along with Join a Union leaflet.

We had good discussions with several potential recruits as well as with many local trade unionists from CWU, Community, TSSA, GMB, PCS, UNISON and UNITE.

164 people enquired about joining a trade union as a result of our social media advert, reaching 1,000 Wolverhampton people of working age on Instagram, 75% were women under 35; cost £26, 8-19 Feb. This was an increase 30% increase on last year’s campaign, yet we spent around half of the cost of last year’s Facebook advert. This shows the increased interest in trade unions and public support for industrial action.

#HeartUnions is a campaign week of activity where the trade union movement celebrates unions and the good that we do.

During the week we do two simple things:

1. demonstrate how brilliant unions are by showcasing all that we achieve for working people – especially during the cost-of-living crisis.

2. encourage as many people as possible who are already union members to ask someone they know to join one too.



#heartunions images for social media can be downloaded from https://www.tuc.org.uk/heartunions-materials-and-merchandise

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Wolverhampton TUC recruits 125 new union members – February 2022: Wolverhampton TUC ran a Join a Union campaign on social media, targeting working age people in Wolverhampton.

staysafe ad1 004

The campaign reached 10,236 people with 125 clicking to join a union. https://www.tuc.org.uk/join-a-union  

#heartunions week 14-20 February 2022

Showcasing the vital work unions do in the workplace and society and promoting recruitment to the trade union movement, support organising, and to help deliver lasting change in workplaces.

  • Sat 12 Feb 2022 HeartUnions Rally 11am – To mark the start of HeartUnions Week, the Morning Star and the TUC have teamed up again to host an online rally, with: Dave Ward, CWU General Secretary: Ben Chacko, Morning Star Editor: Lee Barron, TUC Midlands Regional Secretary: Dani Harvey, PCS Midlands Regional Secretary
  • Mon 14 Feb 2022 6.30pm HeartUnions: Every worker needs a union – organising call 
    This organising call will invite union members to talk to non-members about the union during Heartunions week, because ‘Every worker needs a union!’
  • Wed 16 Feb 2022 5pm HeartUnions: Trade unions organising to win around the world
    This webinar will show how trade unions are organising to win major industrial and political victories around the world. Read the full event.
  • 17 Feb 2022 2pm HeartUnions webinar: Covid airborne protections in the workplace – Covid is an airborne virus, mainly spread through tiny particles in the air. Find out what unions should demand of their employers, to protect from aerosol spread in our workplaces.


#heartunions week 8-14 February 2021

Wolverhampton TUC run a paid advertising campaign on social media using the abopve two recruitment adverts, during #heartunions week 8-14 Feb. Over 8,000 working age people from Wolverhampton saw them. There was a good response with 80 people clicking to join a union

more info on



#HeartUnions  2020: 

WhatsApp Image 2020 02 14 at 14.20.21

Our very popular activity, giving out Valentine’s flowers while having more than 300 union conversations in Wolverhampton, Bilston & Wednesfield 2020


wolves2020 min 1


bilston2020 min


wednesfield2020 min

We ran stalls on Sat 8th Feb 2020 at Wednesfield market  and Sun 9th Feb at Bilston market and Wolverhampton market on Fri 14 Feb.

Volunteers from UNITE, UCU, UNISON, FBU, PCS, GMB and South West CLP helped.




2020: Embedding a culture of recruiting and organising

 Heartunions week is all about recruiting people. In 2020 the TUC roll out new training on how to have organising conversations, as well as materials and advice to support you in getting new members into your union.
This will include:
 A national TUC Education webinar in the week leading up to heartunions, on “Having a Good Organising Conversation: 1on1,” aimed at all reps and activists wanting to learn or get a refresher on speaking to unorganised colleagues
 A toolkit of downloadable materials to support a week of ‘conversations’ with colleagues and un-unionised workers about the value of being in a union

DSC 0362a min

2019: We gave out Valentine’s flowers and our own union leaflets and engaged hundreds in conversations about trade unons as part of national TUC #heartunions week

Bilston market Sunday 10th February 2019

#heartunions weekend – even more successful involving 15 different delegates and supporters in Wednesfield & Bilston, along with music from Tim Martin. Unite, Unison, CWU, PCS, MU, GMB, FBU, UCU and Students union. Over 300 people engaged with and given trade union recruitment info, details of our TUC and a Valentines flower.

bilston19 min

Wednesfield market Saturday 9th February 2019

wednesfield19 1 min

bilston collage18heartunionsweb

Sunday 11th February Bilston Market stall

wednesfield 18heartunions collageWeb3

Saturday 10th February 2018 Wednesfield High St stall 

Tim Martin (Musician’s Union)  joined us on our stalls to perform some of his songs

tim martin

Every job should be a great job   https://www.tuc.org.uk/campaigns/every-job-should-be-great-job
The Great Jobs Agenda is a charter for everyone to see whether you’re in a great job, that unions can use to negotiate with employers to improve things, employers can use to check how they’re doing, and we all can use to campaign for government action.

The objectives

We want workers to know when their job is a great job or a rubbish job, we want employers to sign up to make all their jobs great jobs, and we want MPs and councillors to commit to making great jobs for all a possibility.

The Great Jobs Agenda says all workers must:

be paid fairly
work in a safe and healthy workplace
be treated decently
have regular hours
get a voice on what matters at work; and
get the chance to get on in life

heartunions bilston web 9

Take the Quiz here https://greatjobsquiz.org.uk/

Five actions to take to make your job great https://www.tuc.org.uk/great-jobs-agenda-fives-actions-you-can-take

heartunionslogocampaign 2017

UNISON, UNITE, UCU and GMB members joined Wolverhampton & Bilston TUC’s campaigning; six came out in the snow in Wednesfield and seven in the rain in Bilston to hand out out Valentine flowers and spread the trade union message as part of a national campaigning week.


web heartunions wednesfield feb17

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