July 2015

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District

Trades Union Council delegate minutes Thursday 16th JULY 2015


1. Present: Bro Turner , Everall & Deacon (UNISON Gen), Grant (UCU), McNee (UNISON Univ) Sis Taylor (UNITE). Welcome & introductions to delegates & visitors; apologies: Bro Kelleher (UNISON Gen), Rahimi (UNITE) & Sis Halfpenny (NUT) – all working for WB&DTUC at Latitude festival, Bro Brackenridge (undertaking relief work in Phillipines), Sis Brealey (UNISON Gen),Battell (NASUWT), Bro Juss (GMB) Grant (NUT) Marris (UNITE)


2. Minutes of June delegate meeting and matters arising – Education event still to be developed.


3. Executive Committee inquorate, correspondence of note:

  1. Pat McFadden action for rail response was circulated

  2. Hope Not Hate training camp 24-27 September contact Bro Kelleher

  3. press releases received;TUC – London creating 3xjobs of West Midlands; WCC – Wolverhampton 8th fast growing economy in Britain; WCC – Wolverhampton infant mortality rate highest in Britain – more info on our website. Invite speaker form NHS contact socialist Medical Association agreed

  4. TTIP vote last win week lost went the wrong way Bro. Turner to liaise with Bro. Kelleher regarding meeting with leader of council

  5. EDL planned demo in Stoke-on-Trent 1st of August (was called off)

  6. Paul Quigley regarding John Harris miners’ strike photo exhibition – will get back to us

  7. number of cheques still to be written


4. delegates’ workplace reports

a) UNISON home closures threat Nelson Mandela House, Merry Hill House, Woden Resource Centre press releases to be organised, letters to MPs, petition launched, lengthy discussion

b) University restructure of Security Services possible impact on jobs


5. Secretary’s report – written report circulated.

  1. Demonstration at the Tory party conference, Sunday 4th October Manchester – joint project with UNISON who will book coach

  2. £150 to be donated for a social camp for volunteers from music festivals in August

  3. 150 year celebration of WB&DTUC agreed at Clarendon Hotel with a tiller the stockbroker other act or speakers to be arranged


    6. Black Country People’s Assembly – recent London demo 20th June 5 coaches from Birmingham and the Black Country went down next organising meeting 30th July. National People’s Assembly will be holding a week of events in Manchester at time of Tory conference.


    7. Wolverhampton Palestine Solidarity Campaign – garden party


    8. Midlands TUC’s Chainmakers festival report: good event on Sunday 12 July unfortunately no WBDTUC stall (Secreatry was at work) but other stalls of interest; re-enactments were possibly too early in day, attendance poor. Midlands unions need to support it or forget it.


9. discussion: of chancellor’s recent budget and the sham of a £9 living wage by 2020 in relation to the 1% pay cap for Public Sector workers alongside the cuts in working tax credits Also discussion on the Greek situation information on medical aid circulated


10. any other business: no August meeting


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