June 09



MINUTES of Delegate MEETING   18th JUNE 2009



ATTENDANCE: BROTHERS   Kelleher (UNISON Gen), Cole (NUT), Deacon (UNISON), Muir (CYWU UNITE), Clarke (POA), Bostock (POA), O’Sullivan (CSC), Grant (UCU), Stoll (UNISON), Hardacre

 (ASPECT), Marris (UNITE), Childs (CWU).   SISTERS Halfpenny (NUT), Kelsey (CWU), Cole (NUT guest), Lopez (ICAP guest), Taylor (CYWU/UNITE), Ceresa (UNISON Gen). Dugmore(UNISON Gen guest),

Apologies:  Brothers – Turner (UNISON Gen), Jeffries (UNISON/UNITE), Juss (GMB), Penco (UNISON/UNITE), Marriott (UNISONGen), Ash (UNISON Gen), Jones (CWU), Grant (NUT).  Sister – Brealey (UNISON Gen).


1.   WELCOME   Introduction to delegates.  Cuban speaker welcomed.  Number of apologies due to UNISON conference.



      Original minutes were lost so minutes drawn together by EC

correction: “4 d.)  Letter to be written to Leader of Council, Chief Executive and Diocese concerning expulsion of TU from Scrutiny Panel by Secretary.” Agreed.   

Matters Arising:

       3.) 2          Campaign for Labour Party Democracy – £10 affiliated.

       3.) 10        No attendance at Morning Star AGM by our delegates so no report



      4)  4th July Telford TUC re: Shrewsbury 24 demo.  Ricky Tomlinson will be speaking.  Details on internet.  10:30am , Shrewsbury.

       9)  Burston strike school rally – Saturday 6th September. Norfolk. £10 donation to be given.

       11)            Samar and Jamad campaign now both released form prison.  Thanks given.

       12)            Asbestos Support Group public meeting in Birmingham – 30th June 2009.  Film in Lighthouse about asbestos in 3rd world which we agreed to back.  Apply for TUC Development grant to cover costs.

       13)            Miami 5 refused again hope it will be different with Obama.

       17)            Bro. Goodhall dismissed as nurse and due to go to tribunal.  Now UNISON has withdrawn support 5 days before.  Bro.Goodall doing own now perhaps.



      a)  Secretary

            Bro. Rob Williams –UNITE- Linamar Convenor has now been reinstated following sacking.

            Carphone Warehouse – please send letter of support to directors of Carphone Warehouse, details on website.

            Wolves website 7 years old 30,000 hits per day but problem with hackers.

       b)  Anti BNP Campaign

            Biggest campaign ever.  BNP vote in Wolverhampton is one of the lower ones.  We can take credit for mobilising a Labour vote in Wolverhampton.  Of the 70 volunteers delivering leaflets, 16 were delegates from our Trades Council.  Lots of letters written to NewsQuest regarding BNP adverts in local papers.  Response from 1 advertiser complaining their advert was next to there advert.  We could do with continuing campaign.  Any suggestions would be helpful.  Secretary would like to know of any dodgy newspaper articles, letters we can respond to.  Sis Dugmore was bitten by a dog and had 8 stitches.  Could consider insurance in future.  Vote of thanks to Bro.Kelleher for anti BNP campaign and all his hard work and organisation.  Will have future meeting to suggest anti fascist campaigning, meeting ideas.


       c)  Treasurer –  Funds stable.


       d)  CWU -Carphone Warehouse – see Secretary’s report.


       e)  UNITE  – Report Swansea Linamar – see Secretary’s report.


       f)  POA – Bro.Clarke – anti privatisation campaign.  Where should Unions engage on this?  BBC headlines 335,000 public sector workers will lose their jobs over next 3 years.  Every prison is going to come under auspices of competitive tendering.  Team being piloted at Birmingham, Threat against workers in unions.  This may be a common feature in Unions in Public Sector.  No discussion with Unions at National level.  Jack Straw – why market testing is being done because Union turned down workforce modernisation.  Birmingham targeted as active Union.  Again threatening people who take industrial action will go to prison.  Big fight on our hands.  Government hell bent on continuing Tory privatisation.  Fear for rest of Public Sector.  Not in interests of  society.  Prison education is needed.  Should be rehabilitation.  Need to support colleagues in POA. Brinsford and Featherstone permission to build prison.  May be private.  3 will be clustered and may all be private.


       g)  UNISON – Further cuts being discussed secretlyby council.  5% to 10% extra cuts. Welfare, Catering under threat.  Frozen meals may be brought in.  No formal consultation as yet.

            CYWU/UNITE negotiating restructure to Youth Service.  Paper brought was full of anomalies.  In the middle the Chief Officer is leaving and structure will be imposed.  Unions likely to fail to agree so process will have to start again.




      Lenia Lopez form Cuban Institute for Friendship with People.  ICAP.  Friendship with different countries.  Festival at end of June to celebrate 50 years of socialism.

       Before revolution – poverty, illiteracy, no health care.  All improved following revolution and then no pressure from U.S.  Fight to free Cuban 5 imprisoned in U.S.  June 15th court refused to take the case.  Step by step things are improving but the struggle continues.  Help from friends will help us win this struggle. 

       Bro. Marris asked about film industry which made 4/5 films last year. Donations are still needed form visitors.  Bro.Hardacre – economy still productive.  May show Cuban Model has been effective.  50 years of story blockade has helped economy.  It is well worth a visit.  There may be a change, Obama is the best hope.  Would like to see more trade with Cuba from UK.  Seems to be a reluctance from powers that be.

There followed a discussion.  Cuba still needs help, hence CSC every bit of money helps to disseminate message. 

Garden Party 18th July.  Encourage your Union to sponsor this event as 2 speakers from Cuba will be joining us.


6. AOB:

  1. Palestine Solidarity – Jerusalem the East Side Story – 19th June 7.15pm for film.
  2. Report circulated of Trades Union Councils’ annual conference








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