Keep Wolverhampton fascist-free 2011

Wolverhampton & Bilston are still fascist free

Wolverhampton & Bilston Trades Union Council once again successfully run our Hope not Hate anti-bnp campaign. We leafleted all homes in the three wards, delivering to 15,000 homes using three ward –specific leaflets pointing out the trade union alternative to the fascist politics of hate. We asked electors to GO OUT & VOTE  for anyone except the fascist-Bnp

Anyone trade union branch or individual wishing to make a contribution the cost of our campaign, can send cheques to:
Wolverhampton TUC, PO Box 2917, Wolverhampton WV2 2YA

WOLVERHAMPTON TOGETHER – alliance of individuals and organisations in the city who are taking a stand against racism and any political parties and individuals who promote racist views.

results – Local elections 2011

The fascists stood in 3 wards:
Bilston North Result – Labour hold                             Votes     Majority
Sue CONSTABLE             Labour & Co-operative Party      1,696     1,071 
David HUNT                     Conservative                             625        
Remi HODISTER              UKIP                                         263        
Stewart  GARDNER          British National Party                   154 
HEAP     Frances              Liberal Democrat                          97            
Ballot papers issued            2,853        Electorate            8,777        Turnout: 32.5%   
(fascist Bnp’s lowest percentage of vote here since they first stood and we began campaigning against them:
May 2010 11.7%;  July 2010 6.6%;  now 5.4%)
Bushbury North Result – Labour gain                          Votes     Majority
Ian ANGUS                        Labour Party                           1,673     326 
Leslie PUGH                      Conservative                            1,347    
Simon PATTEN                  British National Party                  391        
Ballot papers issued            3,425        Electorate            9,043       Turnout: 37.9%     
neighbouring Bushbury South had just a 26.7% turnout, so people did come out to vote for hope not hate.
Simon Patten, nephew of Tory Leader lives, stands and loses here; after we leaflet the ward.
In 2007 the fascist got 790 votes=22.4%;   2008 got 580 votes= 16.1%;    2010 got 621 votes=10.9%;
2011 lowest number of fascist votes here ever but still 11.4%.  Last again!
Springvale Result – Liberal Democrat hold                        Votes     Majority
Michael HEAP                   Liberal Democrat Focus Team       1,449     41
Gurcharan Singh BEDI       Labour Party                               1,408      
Trevor WHITE                  Conservative                                329        
David BRADNOCK             British National Party                       309         (8.8%)
Ballot papers issued            3,504        Electorate            8,751        Turnout: 40.0% 
SpringVale Matters leafletsole Lib Dem stronghold in the borough, it wasn’t the Lib Dem mayor seeking re-election, who was recently arrested over a cannabis farm. Good campaign by Labour narrowly missing winning a safe Lib Dim seat.
Poor showing from fascists who stood here first time as Bnp. Previously polled some support as National front and ward borders Coseley East where Bnp were elected a few years ago.

sign up to our anti-fascist campaign on left side of this page
 register to volunteer for leafleting – 1 to 2 hour sessions, door-to-door by emailing us


STOKE – Norscarf’s magnificent campaign defeated the fascists in Stoke. The English First Party and the BNP were standing 16 candidates between them – all lost including the sitting 5 members of the BNP. For the full results

our 2011 campaign:

weekend 9/10th April  leafleting Bushbury began, 60% of ward completed. 5 fascists were out leafleting were out together leafleting, near the home of the candidate using leftover national leaflets.  The ward was completed on Wed & Thurs.
Sat. 16th April Hope not Hate National Weekend of Action Stoke-on-Trent transport provided from Wolverhampton free  
   also locally,  Bilston North leafleting was begun. We delivered to 1,000 homes on Sunday, more on Wednesday.

Sat. 23rd April  Springvale entire ward completed in one morning ! A dozen of our usual helpers plus over 30 others helped deliver
Sun. 24th April  Bilston half ward now complete
Fri. 29th April – no street parties! we were out in Bilston; last  bits of Bilston completed on 2nd & 3rd May.

 Through the hard work we have done over the past few years we’ve damaged the BNP badly. But we need your help to finally consign them to the dust-bin of history.

 People across the country are feeling the squeeze at the moment, things are tough, there’s no doubt about it. But that’s why we need to get out campaigning on the streets to remind people that the BNP are not the answer.


what we did in 2010 and 2009, in previous years


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