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For 2011, your challenge is to make a short advert for the TUC that encourages people to get involved and join a trade union. In the current climate, people need trade unions more than ever and this is your opportunity to show people why.
Your ad should be aimed at those who have little or no knowledge of trade unions. The ad should display a positive message that encourages people to either join or to get involved with trade unions.
Once you’ve made your ad, complete the online form and send it to us. We’ll then put it up on our website. Your ad will be voted for by the public, before hopefully being short listed and presented to a panel of experienced judges.
LabourStart's 2010 international competition also attracted some brilliant entries of short union videos, watch them…

Voting is over for the first-ever global labour video of the year competition. Thanks go out to the nearly 3,000 of you who voted, and to our judging panel, which reviewed over 200 submissions from around the world: Chris Garlock, Adam Wright and Lydia Chammas, DC Labor FilmFest; Jon Garlock, Rochester Labor Film Series; Frank Saptel, Canadian Labour International Film Festival; Jimmy Kelly (and his students), ReelWork FilmFest; Tom Zaniello, labour film author/teacher; Joshua Amberg, film scholar, UCLA.

And the winners for 2010 are …

  1. What have the unions ever done for us? [Australia] – 737 votes
  2. A call to action – Trade Unions and Climate Change [Global] – 622 votes
  3. VALE INCO'S CEO Roger Fuhrer Loses His Fight… [Canada/Germany] – 553 votes
  4. Just another cog in the machine [UK] – 419 votes
  5. The Janitor [Canada] – 417 votes
  6. CUPE 3903 Strike Ads [Canada] – 220 votes

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