February 2010

 WB&DTUC Minutes of Thursday 18th February 2010 delegate meeting

1) Introductions to delegates & visitors, new & old.
Present: Bro. Rahimi (UNITE 0758 ), Marris (UNITE 5/836), Kelleher & Deacon (UNISON Gen), Clarke (POA), Pepe (CYWU-Unite), Sis Ceresa (UNISON Gen), Taylor & Seaman (CYWU-Unite)
Apologies: Bro. Juss, Bostock, Childs, Thomas, Grant, Grant Sis Petford, Reynolds, Kelsey, Halfpenny, Burke.

2) AGM minutes not yet available. Minutes of December delegate meeting – minutes lost by Chair – re-written by Secretary; no corrections;
matters arising:
2.10 £300 Development Grant(2009) application received
2.16 TUC LGBT Network £25 donation agreed
2.17 update on Two Sisters – FTO contacted but no response. Sis Taylor reported there had been a “satisfactory settlement” to the dispute.

3) REPORT: EC WB&DTUC 11-02-10
3.1 Re-affiliations 2010 – FBU, ASPECT, ASLEF, GMB, PCS,UNISON Uni, UNITE-CYWU being chased up
3.2 Workers’ Memorial Day 28-4-10 – volunteers needed to distribute remaining flyers to branch members & publicise
3.3 confirmed speaker March 18th – Chris Smiles, Enterprise on workplace recycling – future TUC speakers? Ask Derek Robinson – Bro.Grant would offer lift
3.4 Birmingham TUC – Feb 26th Defend Jobs & Services & People’s Charter launch; also lobby protest of budget meeting 23rd Feb
3.5 Workers’ Memorial Day car stickers & ribbons; 150 of each; bought for £75; distribute via mailing & at event. POA will also use. Over 1000 WMDay flyers already distributed in other groups’ mailings @ £47
3.6 Campaign for LP Democracy renewal £15 – TREASURER to CHECK if already PAID.
3.7 Pensioners TU Action Assoc. National Day of Action Thursday 1st April
3.8 Midlands TUC seeking nominees for observers at TUC Equality conferences – Sis Kelsey nominated for TUC Disability conference observer.
3.9 W’ton Council – confirmation of Councillors’ Remuneration Panel nominee – Bro. Clarke; he has been interviewed and accepted – first meeting held, lot of work. Council want discussions to remain confidential.
3.10 Thanks to Aspect union for their donation of new laser printer to us.

3a) Elections – Trades Council conference, Black workers & LGBT TUC conference observers –no nominations; put to next meeting

4) Reports:
a) Secretary written report circulated; May Day venue still to be booked. anti-Bnp campaign – leafleting on Holocaust Memorial day using new HNH leaflets & mailing to religious groups – report by Bro.Cole sought. Sis. Halfpenny to attend a recalled meeting of Wolverhampton Together and report back. Our next campaign March 27/8th; Wednesfield North agreed. 5000 leaflets to be ordered. Sis. Taylor approach Ashmore Park Community Centre.

b) UNISON – campaign against council cuts – Bro.Kelleher & Sis.Ceresa reported on redundancy threats to their jobs in Learning Disability services as jobs to replaced with low paid workers. Frontline workers and services to vulnerable people being attacked by Tory/Liberal council.
c) other delegates’ workplace reports – POA reported staff cuts and attempted recruitment at lower rates and threats of privatisation.

d) West Midlands County Association of TUCs report – Sis Taylor gave report: little happened.

e) Pensioners’ report – Bro.Deacon organised coach to London April 10th Defend Welfare State & Public Services demo London, via UNISON – will be open to other TUists – 554096. 8.30am start Falkland St

f) local Palestine Solidarity model letter to PM to be put on website; AGM 450 attended. 1000 increase in membership to 4,500 in last year. Activity increase after attacks on Gaza, had been largely sustained. Last Trades Union Congress was seen as a breakthrough and the postcards included in our mailing were part of the TUC’s support for the Palestinians.

5) speaker @ 8pm: UNITE – CYWU Pat Seaman, branch Sec, Coventry community & youth workers – report on their union’s longest industrial action, ongoing since last November – similar cuts being attempted under Tories in Coventry as here. Consultation a sham. Councillors approving cuts 2-3 years in advance using vague reports without financial breakdowns to make carte blanche cuts, as here. Consultants being brought in to make cuts large enough to pay their fees. WB&DTUC delegates had taken part in their demo last year.

6) Any Other Business – none

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