Peoples Charter

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“…Take back into public ownership essential industries – energy, water, telecommunications and post, rail and bus transport – to put them and their profits to work for the British people”
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The TUC’s policy is to support the Peoples Charter. The Peoples Charter is set of demands to the government that would be of immense benefit to the trade union movement and all working class people. Whilst the recession may be technically over job losses continue to rise and we face cutbacks to public services and the welfare state on an unprecedented level.
What is the People’s Charter?
The People’s Charter is a growing national movement of working people, the unemployed, students and pensioners.
It stands for:
 A fair economy for a fairer Britain
 More and better jobs
 Decent homes for all
 Protect and improve our public services – no cuts
 Fairness and Justice
 Build a secure and sustainable future for all
The takeover of Cadbury threatens thousands of jobs. Kraft used money borrowed from RBS, a bank owned by taxpayers. This shows we must not only own but control the banks to protect workers.
Birmingham City Council is axing 1300 jobs in the vital social services depart-ment, and plans further massive cuts. We oppose these cuts which will make our city worse to live in and further destroy the local economy.
Many of our young men have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. We say bring the troops home.
The West Midlands has the highest unemployment rate in Britain, and for youth it is even more disastrous. We say invest in jobs for a sustainable future: better public transport; new and improved housing; renewable energy;
education and training; sports and cultural facilities.
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