May 07

Secretary’s Report May 2007
Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

TU branches already affiliated for 2007 (13,000 trade unionists):
Amicus 0558, Amicus 3210M, ASLEF, Community(Hall Palm), CWU (Wolverhampton), CWU (W.Mids & Worcs), CYWU-TGWU, GMB X13, NASUWT, NUT, TGWU 5/748, TGWU 5/836, UCU City College, UCU University, UNISON General, UNISON PCT, UNISON University

Hope Not Hate – Wolverhampton & Bilston Trades Union Council run an anti-fascist election campaign. 37 volunteers distributed 21,000 leaflets in under 3 weeks, using national Searchlight as well as locally produced leaflets. (17 UNISON, 4 NUT, 2 UCU, Amicus, CYWU, 12 retired unemployed or students. Of these 21 were women, 16 men. 12 were regular delegates to our TUC, 6 were LGBT, 3 were black workers but just one was a LP member).
The local LP asked us not to leaflet areas where the BNP were expected to get votes – we ignored this, targeting those areas. We got full trade union support for this action which was deemed to be an outdated, failed strategy. Follow up meetings are planned.
The fascist BNP stood in Wolverhampton Council election in one ward in 2006, coming third with over 26%. In 2007 it was 6 wards, losing all. Their vote dropped to 22% in that ward but got 22% in another – both of these had ex-Tories standing, showing their true colours. Other wards got 18%, 13%, 11% and 6%. They were 3rd or 4th in each ward.
There were no fascist gains in Walsall, Dudley or Sandwell where anti-fascists campaigned heavily – all the votes dropped significantly.

Sat. June 9th PSC demo London – Faulkland St coach leaves 9am £15, concessions 450640

Sat.7th July, London National Shop Stewards Network founding conference, called by RMT, supported by most major unions., follows on from 2 previous national gatherings see for details.

Thurs July 19th WB&DTUC delegate/PSC meeting, speaker Dr Andrew Rouse on medical tour of Gaza & Hebron

Chainmakers’ Festival Sat. 15th Sept 2007
at the Black Country Living Museum – cheap entry for trade unionists, TONY BENN TO SPEAK

WORKERS MEMORIAL DAY 28TH April almost 40 people attended. • speakers: Nick Kelleher, secretary WB&DTUC, Rob Marris, Ken Purchase & Pat McFadden the local Labour MPs
• wreaths were laid by WB&DTUC, UNISON, TGWU, MPs, CYWU
• Industrial Chaplain Rev. Benson Headley led a service dedicated to those killed at work.
Please sign: ‘We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Declare International Workers Memorial Day on 28th April a National day of mourning.’

1st May Workers’ Day Festival – Most agreed it was one of the best May Days ever held, with 250 enjoying the evening. The £1200 cost was covered by generous union donations.
For new Attila the Stockbroker fans, he’s playing 8pm Sunday 20 May Library Theatre B’ham £5

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