Midlands Region Trades Union Councils’ Conference

Report: TUC Midlands Region Trades Council Conference

Held: Saturday 28 March 2015 in Derby

The first person to speak was Lee Barron, from Trade Union Congress (TUC) Midlands Regional Secretary, who has been in this post for 7 months. He began by talking about how the TUC has always stood for better pay and better working conditions. His main talk explained how women suffering with cancer or have been through treatment, have found it difficult when returned to work. Barron, later mentioned how those women are threatened with losing their jobs. This causes additional distress for those women who have been through or going through cancer. Barron mentioned he is looking forward to visiting each trades union council.

Moz Greenshields, from TUCJCC & Derby Trades Union Council was the second speaker. Greenshields, mentioned that Derby has the biggest TUC in the East midlands and the different demonstrations, that will be taking place for this year, will be forwarded to all TUC.

Furthermore the key note speaker, Steve Gillan, the general secretary of POA has worked as a prison officer since 1993. He began by talking about how the TUC helped to remove any staff who belong to the BNP and the EDL group. Gillan pointed out that this took a while and was also passed through to the courts to reinforce the matter that no prison officer is to be part of those groups, BNP and EDL. Gillan raised the issue of Health and Safety with prison officers and cuts (reduction of staff). The prison officers are put at risk caused by the prisoners, due to the lack of staff. Overall he was a good speaker and it would be nice to invite him to visit our Wolverhampton branch, to do a talk.

Tom Mellish, TUC – Trades Union Programme of Work, talked about the new programmes that should be sent to all branches. A new website will be available to browse with improved information.


  1. Trade Union Education in Stoke. Delivered by North Staffs Trades Union Council

Stoke-on-Trent College said 21% of classes at this college have been withdrawn and the majority of those classes were Adult Education.

This college is seeking for support from TUC to prevent any further cuts to the college’s courses.

  1. Campaigning. Delivered by Northampton and District Trades Union Council

Lee Barron commented about funding this campaign of £300; we are all in support of the motion and Barron’s.

  1. Minimum Wage. Delivered by Coventry Trades Union Council.

Barron mentioned that it would be great to encourage young people to come along to trades union meetings because they will have a better understanding of the TUC.

After the Motions

Rob Johnston and Leftspace (constructing a coherent campaign) – Johnston informed us about the Leftspace network; which is to help each branch to deliver an improved network and how to deliver your branch effectively.

Leftspace is at a cost of £50 to join.

Overall this was a small conference, this was my first attendance at the TUC. It was a lot to take in but I enjoyed the experience.

Sharon Dixon

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