November 2001

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC
Minutes of Delegate Meeting Thursday 15th November 2001

Attendance: Bros. N Kelleher, J Grant, P Clements, A Turner, R Marris, D Ash, G.Baynham, K Rana, B Deacon, F Knox, G N Wilson
Sis. M Smith, M.Taylor, Turner, S Sagoo, T Nyathi, E Mhuriro, E Dembetembo.

1. Apologies: Bros. D Joynson, N Brackenridge, S Murphy MEP, Ken Purchase MP Sis. D Fogg
2. Minutes of October delegate meeting agreed with inclusion of apologies for Bro.Grant. Matters Arising – none.
3. Executive Committee meeting (8-11-01) was cancelled Further Correspondence: 3.2. Bro.G Barnsby re Bilston Community College – noted, inform Bro.Barnsby 3.6. Birmingham TUC demo details 8-12-01 were given out
3.15. Defend Council Housing – write with support
3.16. Statutory Recognition of Union Learning Reps briefing copied and sent to branch secretaries and distributed at meeting
3.18a.WBC volunteers needed for New Year’s Eve bar work
3.25. copies of our history were sent out to all local TUCs seeking orders

4a. Secretary’s report – written report circulated
4b. Secretary gave verbal report of first Cuba Solidarity TU conference
4c. Secretary gave verbal report of Sandwell Unity Conference against racism & fascism
4d. Wolverhampton Coalition Against the War meeting attracted 40 people and sold tickets for the coach
5. no resolutions received

6. speakers: Frank Knox, UNISON, accompanied George Nasho Wilson, General Secretary of the Zimbabwean Civil Service Employees Association, Therasa Nyathi, Gender Secretary, Emelda Mhuriro, Equality Officer and E Dembetembo, Finance Secretary. They explained the problems of trade union organisation against the background of 70% unemployment and political turmoil. There is 70% inflation, an inferior set of labour laws for public sector and food shortages. Mugabe had been well respected internationally and at home in the past but now seems to be clinging onto power. Land reform began when Mugabe lost a constitutional referendum and is seen as a political gimmick. Virtually all cultivable land is owned by white farmers, but for every one evicted, 400 black workers are thrown out and not allotted land. Opposition comes from the Movement for Democratic Change, which has trade union support.

7. AOB – no December EC or delegate meetings

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