November 2009

 WB&DTUC November 2009 Secretary’s Report

ANTI-BNP campaign Bushbury North ward.  As part of a national weekend of action, Searchlight supplied us with 5,000 free Remembrance Day leaflets.
9 women and 3 men [5 BME] from UNISON, UNITE, NUT & CWU posted leaflets to 3,500 homes so far, about 60% of the ward was covered on the first day and areas of Oxley were also done where the fascists had themselves leafleted a fortnight before. The rest will be done in a further session.
We helped at the Cannock Chase by-election last month– a hard-hitting leaflet against the Bnp’s fascist candidate meant they came nowhere.
Protest against EDL 10am Market Sq, Nottingham organised by Notts TUC Sat. 5th December
Save Our Public Services -Tories & Liberals threaten massive cuts so that this year’s council tax doesn’t have to go up by a tenner. 
Tories & Liberals voted to close Underhill Older People’s homes despite the offer of free cash from an appalled benefactor to keep it open. 
Protests against council cuts continue.
Contact UNISON 554095 for details of future protests, or check
White Ribbon Day balloon release organised by the Midlands TUC Women’s Committee against Domestic Violence will take place again at the Molineau Stadium Sat. 28th November before the Birmingham City derby match. Some of our local women trade unionists will again be involved.
Wolverhampton CWU’s solid picket line, was replicated all over the country resulting in the employers being forced back into negotiations.
2010 WB&DTUC affiliation forms& Executive nomination forms  have now been sent to branches.
Could delegates please chase up their branch secretaries – thanks.

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