November 2013

Delegate meeting minutes of Thursday 21st NOVEMBER 2013

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council


  1. welcome & introductions

Present:  Sis. Taylor (UNITE-CYW) & Battell (NASUWT).  Bros.  Juss (GMB)  Millard (UNITE-CYW), Purchase, Rahimi  & Marris (UNITE), Grant (NUT), Kelleher, Cardy, Deacon Turner & Everall (UNISON Gen), Stoll & Royle (UNISON Dudley), Grant (UCU), MacMillan & Childs (CWU) , Millington (NUJ), Rashim & Draper (BFAWU)

Apologies: Bros. Retnasingham, Baynham & Sourani (UNITE). Sis Halfpenny (NUT) Ceresa (UNISON Gen)


  1. Minutes of last delegate meeting

a)      agreed no corrections; matters arising: new mesh banner be purchased @about £90;

b)      George Barnsby/Eric Hobsbawn books which were donated to us have been passed onto the tutors of the TUC Education courses for students to use in their library.

c)      Update re Anton Apiania last month’s speaker; Upper Tribunal, case rejected – no mention in outcome of previously needed evidence that was produced to confirm 4years of his 19 year residence in Britain. Appeal lodged for new hearing at Court of Appeal.


  1. no Executive Committee in November;  correspondence:

a)      TUC re trades councils Midlands conference Birmingham Sat Dec 14th we are invited to send one motion and up to two delegates to the conference; at least one of the delegates must be either a woman or BAME.  The conference is designed to facilitate discussion between trades councils on delivering effective campaigning around the campaign plan. Wrote to TUC Regional Secretary re content of day as TUC’s priorities to be discussed not those for Trades Union Councils – no rely. No-one volunteered to attend.

b)       Public Petition: Save Central Bathsonline petition  invited Carol Bailey to speak but was unwell.

c)      People’s Assembly – Francesca Martinez (comedian and activist) and Sam Fairbairn (national People’s assembly secretary) will be able to participate/ speak at Black Country event on the 25 Jan 2014

d)      TUC Regional Council AGM 2014 nomination for delegates (WMCATUC inactive/ended?) Sis Taylor nominated.  Bro.Deacon nominated for Pensioners Network.

e)      £455 Workers Beer Co for work @Latitude received and £1430 Workers Beer Co for work @Leeds received (total for year £3,025; over 15 years we have raised £27,000 this way). We sent £570-37 (half of Glastonbury funds) to Morning Star Fighting Fund receipt & thanks received

f)         Cllr Roger Lawrence re SIGOMA ‘Stop the Growing Divide’ petition circulated also he replied to our resolution about council cuts; but not Chief Exec did not.

g)      University of Wolverhampton student asked to do a one minute radio interview about racism in football and the effects it has on people – Bro Marris volunteered.

h)      N.Staffs Miners Wives seeking donations for Women Against Pit Closures celebration film £25 donation agreed & sent.

i)          Palestine Solidarity AGM 25 Jan 2014 London Bro Deacon going and will give us a report

j)          Spent £50 stamps; £5.75 expenses delivering Greggs leaflets and talking to staff re meeting; £6.98 lead for PA equipment

k)       Sent:

l)         WB&DTUC affiliation forms 2014 to branches

m)    Invites to Greggs workers re meeting. Bakers Union application form from Sedgley – sent to BFAWU

n)      Orgreave Truth & Justice Campaign £25 donation; Shrewsbury 24 £25 re-affiliation



4)   Reports/discussion:

a)      UNISON – “consultation” ongoing.  Over 160 cuts proposed, £8m still short of legal budget. Central government 40% cut to Wolverhampton council. Voluntary Redundancies being refused by council, despite threats to 1,000 council jobs and previous promises to unions. Threat to all elderly services.  3,000+ signed petition against closure of Central baths.

b)      CYW-UNITE – unions putting alternative proposals to threat of youth service privatisation.

c)      NASUWT/NUT teachers’ regional industrial action success, national action postponed until Feb, empty government promises so far.

d)      UCU, UNISON & UNITE took industrial action together for first time at universities on 31st October

e)      Black Country People’s Assembly next meeting 26 Nov; report from NAPO about their 24hr strike on Nov 5th expected there – delegates encouraged to get involved – public launch Sat. 25 Jan Arena Theatre.

f)         Friends of Chainmakers launch 3 Dec Bro Deacon to attend; bigger venue booked

g)      Secretary’s report successful Action for Rail leafleting of commuters; joint work with ASLEF & RMT took place on Nov 5th. Bro.Millington said that local press want “human interest angle” for stories they cover.

h)      Wolves PalestineSolidarity Campaign national lobby of parliament Wed 27 November most ever going locally all MPs to be lobbied excellent PSC briefings available. Film season November 29th.  Friday 10 Jan public meeting on West Bank visit.


5)   speaker:  Ronnie Draper, General Secretary Bakers Food Allied Workers Union on the recent Hovis strike victory and also recent local strike threats to protect pensions.  BFAWU are very specific with their sponsorship of MPs. A consultative ballot of members showed an overwhelming support for a general strike. Benefits for working families are a subsidy for poorly paying employers. They have a roll call at conference and fine delegates if they were not to show up or be on time. FTSE 100 directors have had a 16% pay rise this year – there is a class war gong on.


Next meeting: 7pm Thurs 19th December:  delegate meeting will include at 7.30pm a screening of The Condition of the Working Class


new venue (not at Civic) upstairs room Newhampton pub, Riches St WV6


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