November 2018

Minutes 15 November 2018
Wolverhampton Bilston and District Trades Union Council
1. Delegates welcomed & introductions made by delegates & visitors.
Present: Bro. Kelleher, Marris (Unite WM6150) J.Foxall (UNITE W’ton Homes) Grant (UCU), B.Simm (PCS) Baker (Unite)  Rahimi and Ali (Unite Community) Pugh, Turner (Unison City), Brackenridge (FBU) Childs (CWU) Sis. Taylor (Unite), C.Simm (PCS), Weaver, Ceresa (Unison City), Millar (UCU) 
Apologies  Deacon(Unison City), Juss (GMB) M.Foxall (UNITE W’ton Homes) Sis Dixon, Whyte (Unison City)
2. Minutes of October Delegate Meeting agreed. No matters arising.
3. Nick Read out Exec report from November 7th 2018
1. December’s Christmas meeting will have Tim Martin performing.
2. The Chainmakers play ‘Rouse ye Women’ from Townsend productions – Zahid stated that the production is now going ahead at Newhampton Arts Centre April 9th. Marie moved meeting to speak to Townsend Productions and offer help, meeting agreed.
3. Places are still available on the TUC ‘Using Video Effectively’ course and delegates are encouraged to go.
4. Film ‘Peterloo’ is playing from November 16 – 22 at Lighthouse. A group from WB&D will go on November 20 to see it.
5. ILO Conference 5 December. Manifesto for Labour Law. Marie will enquire about time off to attend.
6. GMB holding evening protest outside Amazon in Rugely November 23. Nick and others will attend with Wolves TUC Banner. There will be social held afterward at Lea Hall Miners Welfare Centre. 
7. Motion re Uber Taxis sent to Wolverhampton Council with no response as yet. Unite not responded either. Has been forwarded to Midlands TUC who will discuss it. Wolves TUC has been thanked by W’ton private hire drivers assoc.
8. Rob asked for Nick to read out statement from Nicaragua Solidarity campaign.
9. Rob Congratulated Nick on sales of Wolves TUC history books.
4. Reports / Discussion
a. Unite, Stuart reported on welcome to new regional secretary Anne Marie Kilcline (Nick added she has been invited to speak at Wolves TUC), Spycops will be coming to talk at Unite meeting December 13.
b. PCS, Clare reported Gen Sec Mark Serwotka will be appearing on Question Time.
c. RMT Nothing to report
d. Unison, Adrian reported balloting taking place over strike duration, a day of action planned in Labour Cabinet Member Wards, and spoke about Home care workers in Birmingham. Marie added speakers have not come forward and suggested Clare’s Mum speak as she is one of the affected workers.
e. FBU Greg reported strike has been withdrawn, cultural review on two points of negotiations, red lines have been sent to central government. 90 minute debate in parliament scheduled for later in November, T & Cs most important point as may be taken over by combined authority. Public consultation was 52% against takeover and was ignored. 
f. Labour Greg reported cuts to home social care have been dropped, next year might be okay but £25Mil cuts expected in 2020. Car park charges being introduced in Wednesfield and Bilston. Will be dire for High Street. Businesses have asked for it to be introduced to discourage Hospital Parking. At council meetings Tory Cllrs are being attacked over cuts and support for government.
g. UCU Grace reported on restructuring and an unsuccessful strike ballot.
h. Wolverhampton Homes, reported union office being closed down and reps told to ‘hot desk’.
i. Midlands TUC Equalities Conference, Warinder attended. Will have to update in December
4j. Secretary’s Report
      Nick reported Health Campaign on coming Saturday November 17, Stand Up to Racism Demo also on Saturday. Wolves PSC would be holding further protests outside Wolverhampton HSBC December 8. The Unite strike and demo at WZ Packaging attended by Nick, Marie, Ali and Jane. Took the Wolves TUC Banner and had a small march. Manager came out and gave vague threats. Unite have been contacted by Chinese owner and strike has been settled. One rep has been sacked and is awaiting appeal, there may be further action. Telford Trades Council and Unite will work together.
4k. Wolves PSC, Bob D not present but Nick did update on Express & Star running a front page with a correspondent sent to Gaza.
5. Speaker from Unison Chris Pugh on Mental Health in the Workplace
Meeting close. 

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