November 2019

MINUTES Wolverhampton, Bilston & District Trades Union Council Delegate Meeting Thursday 21st November 2019

  1. Welcome & introductions to delegates & visitors

Present: Bro Kelleher & Marris UNITE WM6150, Baker UNITE, Childs CWU, Juss GMB, Rahimi UNITE Community, Grant UCU, Bueno UNISON, M.Turnbill GMB. Sis Ceresa & Dixon UNISON City, Taylor Unite, Welch UCU, E.Turnbill GMB & honorary UNITE

Apologies: Millar UCU, C Simm PCS, M Foxall UNITE, B Simm PCS, Oakley UNITE, Pugh UNISON, Brackenridge FBU, Stoll UNISON

  1. Minutes of October delegate meeting agreed; matters arising: WMD: James Bloodworth deemed unsuitable

  2. Speaker Eileen Turnbill Shrewsbury 24 campaign – established in 2006, evidence expected under 30 year rule has been hidden by Tory and Labour governments. No good news until now. Over 300 building workers were dying on site in 1972 when the only national strike of UCATT, T&G and FTAT took place. 6 Sept ’72 seven sites picketed in north Wales, 200 pickets accompanied by 80 police; police praised pickets’ behaviour. Ended 16 Sept ’72 agreement on pay but not on H&S or the “lump”. Feb ’73 The Shrewsbury 24 arrested, with allegations from the McAlpine site visited; six imprisoned. Nov 2018 refusal for permission for Judicial Review overuled. April 2019 the CCRC conceded the case at Judicial Reiew and so will now go to Court of Appeal. Corbyn will release documents.

  3. EC report and correspondence of note: Bro Kelleher

  1. future speakers: RM has written to Ian Brookfield for AGM or 1st May; Bro Juss on law updates; Refugee & Migrant Centre & Sheffield TUC speakers(next year) via Bro Simm; Joginder Bains IWA Struggles of Indian workers past and present

  2. Women Chainmakers 2020 planning meeting TUC office at 10.30am on 3rd December

  3. Womens’ Concessionary Bus Pass – Bro Deacon has written what is happening with campaign initiated by Sandwell TUC. Bro Marris has found out there is a 20% take-up.

  4. TU Congress report from national Tr Council delegate – trades councils’ motions for right to two motions defeated

  5. Midlands TUC request to campaign on behalf of BFAWU – discussed by EC and confirmed agreed stance of assistance only, as normal in our solidarity work. Had late notice but WSW CLP did some activity outside McDonalds – write to Midlands TUC

  6. 2020 affiliation forms sent out – could delegates bring up at meetings please.

  7. NK bought stamps £21.96, 1500 envelopes £25.98

  8. GMB Birmingham Region event at the Amazon Fulfilment centre at Rugely, Amazon 4-30pm Friday 29th November

  9. NK to contact Workers Beer Company re unpaid Tolpuddle wages £700

  10. CND request for donation for ant-trident campaigning in election agreed £15


  11. Unions campaign 8/9th & Fri14th Feb 2020 – 11am-1pm similar events in Bilston, Wednesfield and also in SW discussed maybe Warstones shopping precinct. Need to make videos of people’s comments and feelings about unions. Bro Baker added that unite can supply activist with the kit and skills needed.

  12. Workers’ Memorial Day Tues 28 April – RM has invited GMB re Amazon conditions

  13. Fri 1st May Workers Day festival – speaker suggestions: Diane Holland, Laura Piddock, Angela Raynor, Michael Mansfield, TU leader?

  14. Wodenstock 2019 finances to be calculated finally by NK & JG .

    RM has written to Cnllr Coogan & Brackenridge about Amphitheatre suitability due to old fountain that blocked space for stage and attracted children to try and play (dangerously) on it during Wodenstock, and presumably for the rest of the year too. 6 councillors in Wednesfield. Also to see if council money would be available again. Community grants were a pilot.

    Bro Foxall keen to take on responsibility for music. Would also need a political act, Atilla the Stockbroker suggested.

    Date would be nearest Sunday to Black Country Day 17 July (Tolpuddle weekend) & start school holidays. Bro Brackenridge will be mayor.

  1. Reports

  1. Unison: Sis Ceresa – issues regarding waste and recycling

  2. UCU: Sis Welch – 60 branches on strike over pay and anti-casualisation plus pensions for pre-1992 universities. Wolverhampton not on strike as did not reach 50% threshold in vote.

  3. RMT: Bro Kelleher – new branch officers elected was told he’d be rang about dispute but didn’t happen

  4. UNITE: Bro Marris Kuehne + Nagel dispute won after strike threat by 46 members

  5. CWU: Bro Childs successful national strike ballot overturned in court by employer – union appealing

  6. Labour Group: Sis Taylor to contact Amanda Bevan re canvassing dates


  1. Midlands TUC Pensioners Network & Wolves PSC – no reports Report from TU Palestine conference by Bro Deacon on our website

  2. Midlands TUC Equalities conference: Bro Juss spoke on work-related suicides – over 300 nurse suicides in last 7 years.

  3. AOB:

    Bolivia: Bro Beuno – President Evo Morales overthrown by coup. Won 300 of 340 seats and majorities in both parliament and presidential votes. Far right opposition refused to accept results; violence that police refused to stop and they defected to opposition. Morales left to avoid further violence.

    Iran: Bro Rahimi – Riots in over 100 cities, hundreds killed. Reserves raided by current government, no internet still; turned off by government since last Saturday.

Meeting closed

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