October 2006

Wolverhampton, Bilston & District TUC

1. ATTENDANCE:  Sisters: Taylor (CYWU), Dacres (UNISON)  Brothers: Kelleher (UNISON),  Farmer (UNISON), Baynham (Amicus), Grant (NATFHE), Deacon (UNISON), Ash (UNISON), Turner (UNISON), Hardacre (ASPECT), Cole (NUT), Apologies: Sis Halfpenny (NUT), Ceresa (UNISON), Morgan (UNISON, Bro. Juss (GMB), Muir (CYWU), Childs (CWU obs.),Marris (TGWU)

2. The minutes of September meeting were agreed as a true record.  MATTERS ARISING:
2.1 Ken Purchase still to pay £25 for wreath for Workers Memorial Day
2.2 Bro.Cole to get CND anti-Trident postcards
2.3 Swastika graffiti on rail bridge removed after over 13 weeks of complaining.
2.4 ‘Public Services not Private for Profit’ campaign Sec written to Rob Marris & Ken Purchase welcoming their support for EDM, the only action currently proposed.
2.5 107 Australian construction workers being prosecuted for striking – send message of support
2.6 Leafleting by Amicus Queens Sq Sat 21st.Save British Manufacturing

3. October Executive Committee report, matters arising:
Correspondence actioned:
3.1 SW CLP – Women & Pensions meeting November, seeking assistance.  Pensions info sent in response. Circulate flyer, when received.
3.2 Midlands TUC Awards 2007 nominations form – noted
3.3 PSC Wolverhampton meeting 25th Nov advance notice – Ken Purchase & Palestinian General delegation to Britain representative agreed donation £50
3.4 Cnllr Dass re fascist graffiti – council inquiry launched
3.5 Tameside TUC – seeking financial support for 22nd week of lockout TGWU officials Manchester Royal Infirmary PFI agreed £25
3.6 MPs written to re Redwatch website which now shows local activists.
4. Reports & discussion:
a) Secretary –written report circulated
b) Treasurer. Balance reported
c) Delegates’ workplace reports:
UNISON reported meeting in Ashmore Park of parents very angry at proposed closure of Danesmore school due to cost cutting and falling student numbers. Discussion ensued around protection of terms and conditions of members and involvement with community campaigns. Protesters asked to join demo. Possibility of approaches by fascists to campaign since it is same area where they stood in May.
Local Government Pension Scheme Lobby of Parliament 22 November, offer of shared coach
NUT – Council put in bid for funding linked to Academy school. NUT & Ken Purchase opposed to academy schools but Pat McFadden supporting one in Wolverhampton.
d) Save the Council Older People’s Homes campaign – 10,000 signatures so far. Decision to be taken at November Cabinet. Discussion of Labour Group meeting.
e) Defend the NHS demo Sat 28th October West Park-Civic-Molineux – Bring banners. 7,000 leaflets being distributed, some leafleting still to be done. Costs borne by WB&DTUC, Development grant to be applied for. Seek affiliation of 3 unaffiliated UNISON branches.
f) CATUC – TUCs Regional conference discussed. Delegates encouraged to attend. Very important opportunity for us.  Documents written by Sec: How WB&DTUC Works (circulated at meeting), others to be circulated by regional secretary to delegates of conference.
g) LGBT Network – written report circulated.
h) Cuba Solidarity – Bro.Cole reported on a successful dayschool and garden party. Miami 5 public meeting Oct 6th.
i) Palestine Solidarity – good leafleting, good public response but police hostile, twice asked to leave, quoting public order offences.
j) Anti-fascism – W’ton LP Local Govt. Cmttee agreed anti-BNP campaign with WB&DTUC and InterFaith Group. Agreed to organise conference. EC to look at setting an agenda, then arrange meeting with them before end of year.  Need to arrange speaker and contact Council Leader re Holocaust Memorial Day 27 Jan 2007.

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